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16/02/13(Sat)02:53 No. 144489 ID: 4516b2 [Reply]

File 145532841680.jpg - (241.68KB , 640x329 , Naruto-Demo.jpg )

Just bought this game, and Im looking for some kind of guide as to what the ninja tools do, especially that one that looks like a person on fire. it doesn't seem to do anything and google turns up zero results on ANYTHING related to ninja storm tool effects. any help or a link to something would be appreciated

16/01/05(Tue)00:44 No. 144450 ID: 465d47 [Reply]

File 14519510758.png - (28.53KB , 256x192 , 256px-Item_icon_Quick-Fix.png )

Game is older than 7 years.
Game has become obsessed with weapon skins like this is Call of Dooky and pay-to-play missions like it's Counter Strike.

I get some of the changes, others appear quite malicious, like some disgruntled teen was tired of demoknights being godtier and dominating them every match.

Pic related, now it really is a useless piece of junk. I loved the quick-fix, it was ideal for hit and run harassment techniques, distracting the enemy team and helping to make those vital last minute captures when defense was being spammy.

Just my thoughts, I'm sad to the direction the game has taken, the stupid duck streak was probably the major warning sign we should all have seen coming.

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16/02/07(Sun)23:20 No. 144484 ID: 0d3ed6

you know, I played again the other night and that's exactly how you'd describe the tryhards I encountered, circle jerking each other on goddamn harvest for the 800th time.

My life is better now that I've stopped playing it.

16/02/09(Tue)04:16 No. 144485 ID: 5a53ee

That's generally how I feel about all "competitive" FPS games, and most multiplayer FPS games in general. Getting noscope shot from 3/4 of the way across the map really makes you wonder what kind of idiots are drawn to modern multiplayer FPS games.

My favorite was in Battlefield 1942's desert storm mod, you could kill someone from a quarter of the way across the map with a shotgun, just aim it in their vague direction and empty the magazine, occasionally you'd kill them. Wow, such tremendous skill. Oddly enough shooting someone scoped in with a sniper rifle took more skill because the hitbox was so much smaller.

16/02/13(Sat)10:33 No. 144491 ID: bf1331

Youtube  >>144483
Different game, point remains.

golden sun leveling oddity lamo 16/01/13(Wed)04:02 No. 144459 ID: 4516b2 [Reply]

File 145265412434.jpg - (813.82KB , 1000x895 , gssf.jpg )

I'm probably not going to get any help here, but fuck it I'm desperate. I'm replaying the old Golden Suns in sequence because I finally picked up Dark Dawn and I haven't played these games in years. So, I was trying out this "perfect leveling" thing I read about in GS1 and I noticed the level ups aren't reflected in the status screen. It'll say "agility goes up by 4!" then on the status screen it's only increased 1 or 2 points. Can someone explain why this is or do I just have a bunk copy of the game?

Seriously, any insight would be very appreciated.

lamo 16/01/13(Wed)05:03 No. 144460 ID: 4516b2

I really wish someone could explain why the level up stats on the battle screen don't translate to the status screen out of battle... I'd love you forever. Sexually

16/02/13(Sat)02:55 No. 144490 ID: 4516b2

it came out some time ago, im just really behind the times and trying to play catchup. no one was able to explain wtf is going on so i gave up on it and finished the game. found a gold password with hacked stat boosting items added so i can make up for all that tedious leveling with no benefit

16/01/30(Sat)10:57 No. 144480 ID: 37f4a8 [Reply]

File 145414787429.jpg - (660.50KB , 1920x1080 , 418977.jpg )


16/01/25(Mon)19:32 No. 144474 ID: f6c94b [Reply]

File 145374675619.png - (48.56KB , 441x342 , Captura3 (2).png )

Just playing a little bit of PokemonMMO...

Dubs decides name.


16/01/26(Tue)00:39 No. 144475 ID: b75f8b

They finally made a Pokemon MMORPG?

16/01/26(Tue)03:58 No. 144476 ID: 2642dd

Not quite, its a Pokemon MMO made by a Brazilian team. Played it back in the old days and it was buggy to high heaven. Quite broken on the pay-to-win side as well, it was only Gen-1 Pokemon and going up against a whole team of Mewtwos was taking the piss, this created a shitstorm on the forums and the response was "if you can't beat 'em join 'em".

Needless to say I wouldn't recommend it.

War 15/10/12(Mon)06:42 No. 144318 ID: ac77b0 [Reply]

File 144462494886.jpg - (123.15KB , 1237x237 , space-marines.jpg )

You niggers will argue about anything
Which faction will crush the others.

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15/10/13(Tue)00:55 No. 144321 ID: ca3ceb

Man if you're talkin like objectively who would crush the others, Space Marines are the only ones who aren't afraid to commit afternoon genocide.

Plus they got numbers and shit.

16/01/05(Tue)18:15 No. 144454 ID: bc825f

Assuming only the pictured factions with no 'come the apocalypse' alliances: Space Marines -> UNSC -> (whatever the fuck the acronym for humans is in Mass Effect) -> the space hicks
The imperium is the only galaxy spanning faction, the rest are regional powers at best. This gives them more resources to throw into a fight, and they have the biggest guns. The Halo Sniper rife is 14.5 mm, while the standard round of space marines' bolter is .75 (~19mm). Also, goddamn titans and baneblades.
Halo beats Mass Effect because of it's superior FTL. Mass Effect ships are limited to a small size by their FTL methods, but the UNSC can field much larger ships. Especially if they have the forerunner tech of the later games. Mass Effect humans have the advantage of widespread personal shield tech while in Halo it is restricted to special units, but Halo has better military vehicles.
Star Craft Human's have the smallest empire, are the least unified, and the weakest ships.

16/01/13(Wed)21:07 No. 144461 ID: 60765c

I am pretty sure the pauldrons in the fourth image alone would decemate the rest of those people.
The only really probable armour of all four of them would be the first one. It is close enough to the body to allow full movement in all types of environments and non environments.
Why is futuristic armour always so fucking massive?
I want more futuristic space cloth. Reinforced space cloth.

15/12/19(Sat)04:59 No. 144426 ID: 8ebd8f [Reply]

File 14504975643.gif - (49.33KB , 640x400 , 715271243016.gif )

Sharp X68000
Fujitsu FM Towns

Post some screens and talk about games from old Japanese computers!

~and yes since the MSX was from Microsoft japan I decided to include it~

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15/12/19(Sat)06:10 No. 144428 ID: 8ebd8f

File 145050184970.jpg - (38.40KB , 512x363 , 3g35g15.jpg )

Oh man, I never heard this before. Few soundtracks sound better, and the game looks pretty fun too! It really is like the whole soundtrack was made much like the moon stage in ducktales.

15/12/26(Sat)17:25 No. 144436 ID: 1a0b52

What game is OP's pic from? Looks deliciously like Snatcher and Policenauts, I wanna play that game.

16/01/04(Mon)02:02 No. 144444 ID: de8782

File 145186932050.gif - (44.37KB , 640x400 , 12f35g45.gif )

It's from Virgin Angel

It's for the PC98 so make sure you get the right emulator.

15/12/06(Sun)20:58 No. 144389 ID: f5d5a1 [Reply]

File 14494318936.jpg - (104.96KB , 1139x608 , ff7combatremake.jpg )

What do you guys think of the combat in the Final Fantasy VII remake?


I voted more information because I want to see how magic works. The overall outlook seems to be positive though.

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15/12/30(Wed)00:33 No. 144441 ID: 08cbdb

>I'm on my second playthrough, and I've recognized a lot of really cheesy lines.
>my second playthrough
The game came out 18 years ago. I'm guessing you're going to be one of those hipster fags who'll be bitching about the differences between it and the original. Why else would you start playing it now? You've had well over a decade to get a second run in.

And no shit there's some cheesy lines Sherlock, it's 18 years old, next thing you'll be telling us the graphics are outdated.

15/12/30(Wed)17:16 No. 144442 ID: 68e0be


>next thing you'll be telling us the graphics are outdated.

I don't have a problem with the graphics or the dialogue. Holy shit, you seem pretty upset. All I meant was that this could be SE's chance to revise the dialogue.

15/12/30(Wed)22:46 No. 144443 ID: 41a5b8

>All I meant was that this could be SE's chance to revise the dialogue.
It's also a good chance for them to update the graphics and gameplay.

Notice how stupid that sounds. That's what you sound like.

Clash Of Clans - IMMORTAL QUEEN TROLL (UNSTOPPABLE HERO ATTACK!!) 15/12/25(Fri)12:08 No. 144434 ID: 814ff7 [Reply]

File 145104171519.jpg - (155.59KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )


15/12/25(Fri)19:13 No. 144435 ID: b75f8b

Eww, phone trash.

15/12/27(Sun)10:21 No. 144437 ID: 690149

Someone should tell him that immortal and unstoppable items cannot be killed and stopped.

16/01/04(Mon)02:03 No. 144445 ID: de8782

I concur
Eww, phone trash.

7chan MINECRAFT Fantasy Tech Modpack SERVER Now Open! deadbabies 15/12/09(Wed)09:08 No. 144393 ID: 533275 [Reply]

File 144964851912.jpg - (403.16KB , 1718x945 , Minecraft_1_7_10_2015-12-08_23-10-32.jpg )


Our 24/7 dedicated modded Minecraft server is now LIVE once more, this time with a new modpack that promises adventure, an RPG-like experience (if you choose to accept), magic from sacrificial blood magic to the magic of nature to witchcraft and more, industry and electricity, the ability to discover fossils - and use them to resurrect dinosaurs, a vast array of decorative options to pimp out your house, and so very much more! This time we are using the Fantasy Tech Modpack, only available to be downloaded and run via the Technic Launcher.

Keep in mind that this new modpack is dangerous; you've got more than skeletons and zombies out to get you - in fact, yo've got everything from harpies to eldritch demons to tornadoes to contend with, so a new cballenge will await you!

Some starting supplies are provided, including a low level armored electronic jetpack. While you're getting started, a recharging station in the form of a capacitor bank is available right at spawn to recharge it before you can build a power system of your own. Follow the signs from spawn to get to the starter suppply chest - just leave some for the next person, please, unless the chest is nearly empty. If the starting supply chest is out of supplies, please contact me (dedbbs in game, deadbabies on IRC) if the chest needs more jetpacks, torches, food, or iron swords.

Regular automated backups are made both to protect against world-destroying bugs and to protect against griefing. If your area is messed up for whatever reason, please contact deadbabies on IRC or dedbbs (same person, me) in game, and if it's not severely detrimental to other people's progress, I will restore the backup. If I cannot do that, I will provide replacement blocks and resources and most likely help to rebuild.

The Fantasy Tech Modpack's homepage is available here:


A complete list of included mods, as well as links to their homepages (which include much more detailed information about each mod) may be found here:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Rules, Guidelines, Miscellaneous Stuff deadbabies 15/12/09(Wed)10:46 No. 144399 ID: 5cfc50

File 144965441238.png - (312.04KB , 899x320 , 2015-12-09_00-36-48.png )

Basically, the big rule is this: Don't be an asshole. And the other big rule is: Don't be an asshole.

Don't grief or interfere with players bases in anyway in the dimensions of the Overworld, The Twilight Forest, The Promised Land, The Moon, Mars, and any other outer space dimension that may exist. The Twilight Forest has many naturally spawned towers and dungeons, and you may claim these for yourself olive in, but please place signs and torches at all ground entrances to warn other players if you do so.

Other dimensions (and there are many with the inclusion of DivineRPG) are fully PvP in the sense that you may do anything to each other if you set a base up in them. These are dangerous places, and you should expect things to happen tbere. The space dimensions are dangerous too, but because of the delicate nature of oxygen setups, and the ridiculous death loops that a ruined oxygen setup can cause, these places are also off limits.

These rules may be disregarded if you agree to battle/war with each other. Any dimension not mentioned is automatically a warzone/full PvP area if you want to play that way. Just remember, the enemies can be wore than the players, so it might be worthwhile to band together.

Do not build or mine in a 75 block radius of the spawn area. Your minimap should provide enough information to avoid this. If you would like to build something for the spawn area, ask me (dedbbs in Minecraft, deadbabies on IRC), and I will give you creative mode and help you out.

Creative mode IS allowed, but away from the survival area except in certain circumstances (if you want to make a community shop or a community road or transportation system, I will consider it.) Talk to me if you're interested in playing in creative mode.

We DO have our own Teamspeak3 Server (same domain name), but most of the regulars are not in the habit of using it. Feel free to use it (use the Minecraft channel!) and ask other people playing if they'd like to Teamspeak with you if you like talking that way.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Our IRC Channel - and if you need help ASAP deadbabies 15/12/09(Wed)11:00 No. 144400 ID: 5cfc50

File 144965525425.jpg - (131.29KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )

Our irc channel is #ftb on 7chan IRC - server bobba.7chan.org works pretty well. The channel is also linked directly to the game - what you type in game comes out in the channel and vice versa. But please, join us on IRC for the latest updates, faster help, and just to join us. All good folks are welcome!

IF you need help immediately, and an op (dedbbs or DIMT_Minecraft) is not in game and not responding to requests for help over the IRC<->Minecraft lnk,also come on IRC for immediate help. Some of our users might be able to help you, and some of them can also get a hold of me otherwise if it's an emergency (the server goes down, the server melts down, there's a mass griefing, etc;) Please let me (deadbabies) or DIMT - our IRC names - know ASAP if any of these happen - on IRC or in game, please, this thread, let's face, won't be read quickly enough to take care of things immediately. And any problems connecting or getting things set up, also come on IRC for quick help.

And keep in mind, the server is up 24/7, so no matter when you're available or where you are, you can still play! The server is located in a place that it's lag free for 99% of Americans and should also be for any Western Europeans. :3

15/12/18(Fri)14:18 No. 144423 ID: 0818c3


For some reason the pack isn't showing up on the search, but it's still there. When in the Technic Launcher under the Modpacks tab, enter:


into the search box. The modpack will come up and be installable from there.

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