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Anonymous 11/10/12(Wed)04:09 No. 75247

File 131838539332.jpg - (261.75KB , 1920x1080 , 1337.jpg )

I do love the whole Apocalypse theme and everything around it.

It's kinda weird and bizarre to say this but I'm sure I would fit perfectly in such a world.
The whole Fallout scene, the surviving and all that. Having to run for your life, being 100% alerted
at all times, having guns searching for ammo. Small stuff really matters, water is your number 1 sustain to get.
But at the same time not WAR, no bombing and shit. Just the whole surviving and really feel alive and "afraid"
If anyone have played the Fallout series At least 3/New Vegas or Half life series. You know exactly what I mean.
The whole insecurity at all times and being afraid or nervous about every step you make. I WANT THAT.

Anyways. post apocalypse related pictures or just discuss with me on the subject.

Anonymous 11/10/12(Wed)04:12 No. 75248

File 131838556592.jpg - (425.53KB , 1920x1200 , 13373.jpg )

ill dump some pics.

Anonymous 11/10/12(Wed)04:13 No. 75249

File 13183856348.jpg - (1.06MB , 1600x1200 , train.jpg )


Anonymous 11/10/12(Wed)04:27 No. 75250

File 131838644626.jpg - (196.14KB , 1600x577 , 1306455491436.jpg )

Ill dump some more later

Anonymous 11/10/12(Wed)10:10 No. 75251

File 131840700663.jpg - (309.71KB , 1600x1200 , 121957644008.jpg )

diabeetus+apocalypse=my death

Anonymous 11/10/22(Sat)03:29 No. 75529

File 131924698089.jpg - (191.43KB , 1600x1200 , 1306965172865.jpg )

Note: Most of the pictures are from S.T.A.L.K.E.R, the better between it and fallout.

Anonymous 11/10/22(Sat)12:16 No. 75531

You are right because your life would be so much better if you where in a highly radioactive environment. With no steady supply of food or water. You should just burn everything you own and go live in a hazardous waist dump in some shit hole country like Pakistan. All because you think you would like that life better. Have fun ;-)

Anonymous 11/10/23(Sun)09:59 No. 75534

File 131935679762.jpg - (1.06MB , 1024x600 , 129333499613.jpg )


Be a little open-minded, buckaroo. Compared to the senseless consumer wasteland that is Amurrica, and to some extent England and parts of Europe, the ideal comforts of life start to seem pointless. Yes, we'd miss them, but a struggle to survive appeals immediately because that's what we evolved for. Not to sit in perfect comfort in front of our keyboards. We're attracted to the concept of strife, even though we'd all die horribly in anything remotely resembling a radioactive aftermath to nuclear war.

Just saying, yo.

Anonymous 11/10/23(Sun)10:01 No. 75535


Forgot to mention, image related, my favorite apocalypse scenario.

No Gods or Kings. Only survival of the fittest using cutting-edge technology and maddening, delicious substance abuse. It would be beautiful until you got your throat slit.

Anonymous 11/11/07(Mon)15:32 No. 75627

File 13206763351.jpg - (50.31KB , 620x362 , 01-620x.jpg )

Couldn't really take OP seriously after:
>I'm sure I would fit perfectly in such a world.

But I'll play along. Couldn't find any wallpapers and I have yet to play the game, but Fragile Dreams seems like an interesting one. Also, I don't think Borderlands is exactly Apocalyptic, but it certainly gives off that vibe, if you ask me.

Anonymous 11/11/14(Mon)15:38 No. 75657

File 132128149728.jpg - (541.00KB , 2997x1688 , 18434_1_miscellaneous_digital_art_apocalyptic_dest.jpg )

Anonymous 11/12/11(Sun)12:52 No. 76026

File 132360435798.jpg - (222.64KB , 1920x1280 , Destroyed_20City.jpg )

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 11/12/11(Sun)17:39 No. 76032

File 132362156070.jpg - (620.77KB , 2000x1351 , 128688057776 - Copy.jpg )

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 11/12/11(Sun)17:40 No. 76033

File 132362160733.jpg - (399.30KB , 1653x1169 , big_1652de61b7155d6330e5dc61986010ee10fce067.jpg )

Ok some of these aren't really wallpaper shaped, but don't be a whiny bitch, trim them, because it's damn good art.

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 11/12/11(Sun)17:40 No. 76034

File 132362165589.jpg - (668.52KB , 1920x1080 , big_3823c7a911b167a9833055c9af84e736329a6f2e.jpg )

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 11/12/11(Sun)17:41 No. 76035

File 132362170845.jpg - (0.98MB , 3000x2009 , big_aca25336246e0c898011a5a70c9606ed5f78151f.jpg )

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 11/12/11(Sun)17:42 No. 76036

File 132362175171.jpg - (1.49MB , 1600x1200 , 128688230430 - Copy.jpg )

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 11/12/11(Sun)17:43 No. 76037

File 132362178577.jpg - (522.73KB , 1920x1080 , big_c678a1f42c8d5cb20165fbcd169738528e5a0d0a.jpg )

Anonymous 12/10/23(Tue)18:24 No. 77743

Never been a requester. Does anyone have something like, destroyed buildings? Walls often not higher than a man. without overgrowth. Yet almost like a maze of buildings. dreary plain grey. tan. stone colors. Blue skies. Waistland-ish? Anyone?

Anonymous 12/11/17(Sat)10:14 No. 77757

File 135314367330.jpg - (1.24MB , 3183x1771 , 5135_135135.jpg )

Anonymous 12/11/29(Thu)02:45 No. 77774

File 13541535034.jpg - (619.54KB , 1600x1200 , 1325343632432.jpg )

Anonymous 12/12/07(Fri)19:59 No. 77889


Sky 12/12/23(Sun)23:21 No. 77968

File 135630128891.jpg - (771.76KB , 1920x1080 , image.jpg )


Anonymous 13/02/14(Thu)04:37 No. 78012

File 136081302472.jpg - (516.11KB , 1680x1050 , 1358821767382.jpg )

Only have 1

Anonymous 13/02/14(Thu)05:27 No. 78013

Well OP, you can always just go north. Get rid of your material baggage, load a backpack full of your essentials, and set out across Canada. That's basically what post-civilization life will be like, minus the radiation. If you're not cut out for it, you'll know quickly, and you'll be dead in a week. If you can handle it, the last thing you'll worry about is a gun and ammunition. Even if you had a gun, it isn't worth the weight to carry it around. Safe drinking water occupies most of your thoughts, remembering your edible plants the rest. Shelter when it's stormy.

Start easy, a two weeks in the boundary waters. That'll learn ya.

Anonymous 13/03/16(Sat)00:20 No. 78090

File 136338963240.jpg - (422.87KB , 1920x1200 , 9274832.jpg )

Op, i think that it would be a little.... silly. Don't get me wrong, I'm a total fan of the whole post apocalyptic genre as well, but i would never be able to live in it. Maybe if there was a super realistic augmented reality setup where you could run around in a post apoca location that would be awesome. But living in it? Dude just silly beans.

Anonymous 13/10/15(Tue)03:24 No. 78421


Gotta watch out there, a weapon might be worth the weight. Always hear of some guy who decided to go trekking in Canada and get's eaten by a bear or gored by a moose. A gun of some type could be useful.

Anonymous 14/06/18(Wed)09:16 No. 78653

lol, this is awful.

MTGfan 18/06/17(Sun)01:06 No. 79116

File 152919037335.jpg - (674.03KB , 1920x1080 , Blind Big Eye.jpg )

MTGfan 18/06/17(Sun)01:07 No. 79117

File 152919047172.jpg - (719.76KB , 2560x1440 , Eiffel Tower.jpg )


MTGfan 18/06/17(Sun)01:08 No. 79118

File 152919052056.jpg - (251.70KB , 2560x1440 , Possible Future.jpg )


MTGfan 18/06/17(Sun)01:10 No. 79119

File 152919060073.jpg - (400.96KB , 1920x1080 , Shelter.jpg )


Anonymous 18/08/06(Mon)02:12 No. 79129

>ill dump some pics.

MTGfan 18/09/06(Thu)00:34 No. 79133

File 153618688649.jpg - (468.68KB , 1920x1080 , Dystopian Bridge.jpg )

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