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/zom/ is back by N3X15 - 08/21/11 @ 12:26 PM CEST

/zom/ has passed the traffic requirements, so you have it back. Keep up the posting rate or it'll go away again.
Additionally, /pr/ - Programming is the current /777/ topic. Keep posting if you want it back.

More like ipvdicks by Sazpaimon - 07/30/11 @ 09:34 PM CEST

Hi guys, as a part of the upgrades the other day which killed 7chan. I've enabled IPv6 on our server. This serves a dual purpose: to test how well Kusaba can work with IPv6 addresses, and to see IPv6 adoption on 7chan (if any). To help gauge this, I've also added a new board, /vip6/. Sorry regular /VIP/ users, this is exclusive to IPv6 users only, VIP and non. If you have IPv6, turn it on when browsing 7chan and help us test!

Whoopsie by Sazpaimon - 07/29/11 @ 06:14 AM CEST

Thanks to for some unforseen server issues, 7chan was offline most of the day. After a few hours back and forth with tech support, this is fixed.

Courtesy Notice by N3X15 - 07/26/11 @ 10:24 AM CEST

UPDATE @ 7:22AM: Link fixed, Saz is fixing captcha as I type.
UPDATE @ 2:56AM: Looks like the guy who spammed us is just mad.
UPDATE @ 2:00AM: All of the spam has been cleaned up. Here's a little more information on what happened (mostly for Saz since all of the administrative staff are heading to bed): At about 1:00AM, we received a Scout flood on /b/, then on /fail/ and /h/, prompting a lock, and then a stab at using captcha. Unfortunately, that didn't work, so I locked all boards. The spam claimed to be from n0chan (which is bullshit, since the spammer used the old Scout spam, and the n0chan administrator contracted us to let us know he was being attacked as well). We're going to leave the boards locked until Saz can get on in the AM and get everything unfucked.
UPDATE @ 1:45AM: All boards locked since Steve didn't fix the Captcha system. Everyone yell at Steve.
Due to recent flooding, the boards will temporarily have Captcha enabled. When Saz rolls out of bed in the morning, he'll unlock everything.

Malware Alert Bullshit by N3X15 - 06/13/11 @ 08:37 PM CEST

UPDATE: There was a single line of code that we managed to overlook that allowed the exploit to reinstall itself. It's been removed, and hopefully this shouldn't resurface itself again.
This morning (Pacific time, fuck the other coast), Google blocked our site because of malicious javascript injected into our site front page. After a thorough investigation, Saz discovered that a previous exploit back in March left some backdoors in place. These backdoors, and the malicious javascript, have been removed and the rest of our site has been confirmed to be clean. Google has now verified this and, as you might notice, has unblocked our site.
To prevent this (and similar problems) from occurring again, we have implemented additional security measures at both our ad provider and our own systems.
No private information was released, as we don't keep private info, and our game servers (7chanistan and the Failtrain) were not affected.

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