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/minecraft/ b ded by N3X15 - 05/13/12 @ 06:34 AM CEST

Due to getting an awesome job, I just don't have the time for maintaining the Minecraft server sourcecode anymore and I shut down the server a few months ago. I left /minecraft/ open in case someone came along to pick up where I left off, but that didn't happen and the board is basically an advertising cesspool now, so it's gone.
Mumble is still operating at mumble.7chan.org.
- Nexypoo

Captcha4Thrads by N3X15 - 02/02/12 @ 10:30 AM CET

Well, r000t reportedly got bored (more like mad) again and wiped /vg/, so we've enacted a new policy of requiring you to fill out captchas before starting a new thread. Replies will not be affected (since he can reply-spam a thread and it won't matter, since no content will be removed).
In other news, I hate Mono's IL compiler.

FileSonic halted filesharing service by N3X15 - 01/23/12 @ 01:54 AM CET

Hey guys, FileSonic just disabled their file sharing services, so if you've uploaded shit, you need to re-upload it elsewhere.
Cheers - 7chan Staff

SOPA by N3X15 - 12/31/11 @ 06:00 AM CET

So we've been avoiding this whole Stop Online Piracy Act bandwagon for a while, mostly because we figured the U.S. government would wake up, get the collective bug out of their asses, and realize this course of action was retarded as fuck.
Sadly, this is not the case.
So far, it looks like it'll pass, and with all of the stupid clauses that have made it famous on the Internet for being disastrously bad for everyone. (Source) What does this mean for 7chan?
7chan receives copyrighted material every day, and our legal staff handle approximately 100 DMCA takedowns per month. We do our part by removing the material. We're working on streamlining the system by adding in a built-in system for flagging and hiding copyrighted material for review. However, under SOPA, all our current DMCA copyright safeguards would go right out the fucking window. As soon as someone posts copyrighted material, we're immediately branded as criminals for hosting it, even if we merely link to it.
Although 7chan itself is hosted in a country outside of the U.S., SOPA forces all U.S. ISPs to actively block access (even via proxies and SSL connections; H.R.3261, Sec. 102) to sites that are in violation. The Internet's root DNS servers are also located in the U.S., so if we end up being blocked off, no one would be able to resolve our domain. In addition, under Sec. 107 of the bill, Paypal and other "banks" would be forced to stop processing any funding from the U.S. for our organization, so we would lose our ability to pay our bills.
tl;dr We'd be forced to shut down.
How do you plan to continue in the face of SOPA?
First, we're going to be introducing a series of severe changes to the backend of 7chan soon allowing us to review posts before they appear on the site. If SOPA passes before we can get these changes deployed, we'll just toss an IP.B up until we can get Kusaba ready for prime-time. This will be a long, painful, arduous process. Because text can be copyrighted, we will have to approve text posts, as well.
Because of the additional moderation load, we will have to get some more staff on-hand. We're short on staff as it is, so we already plan on acquiring more staff soon (we'll contact you, so don't ask).
What can I do?
Write your congresspeople via snail-mail asking them to stop SOPA. Call up their campaign offices asking for their position on H.R.3261 (Stop Online Piracy Act; don't just say SOPA). Make it clear that if it passes, they can forget their (re)election. Be courteous, don’t give them a platform to stand on to call us crazy or criminal and dismiss us. This is not a raid (especially since we don’t allow raids, in case you don’t read our rules). Get your friends (oh wait you don’t have any) and family involved.
In short, 7chan opposes SOPA in its entirety. Although we recognize the hard work artists put in to their work, and their right to receive fair compensation for their work, there also needs to be a right for us to discuss their work legally, and handle legitimate copyright complaints in a way that doesn't expose us to liability. SOPA's insistence on blanket liability without takedown notifications and grace periods, or even "good intentions" exemptions are fatal structural faults, and are unfair to everyone. Kill this bill.
- 7chan Administrative Council
Questions? Comments? Bitching?
Go to this /7ch/ thread.

Holy shit what am I looking at by Sazpaimon - 12/13/11 @ 11:47 PM CET

So yeah, in case you didn't know, we've switched to a new frontpage design, thanks to some mockups from our homies at /co/. We will also be rolling out similar design tweaks on the main board view in the near future, though probably not as drastic a change as you see here.

Now, some points:

WHY ARE THERE DICKS AND TITS IN MY RECENT IMAGES You can fix this by simply rolling up the Porn section on the board list. Recent posts/images only shows content from sections you have opted to see.
WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FRAME? 7chan.org/frames.php. This will save your preference so the frame will show every time you go to the main page again. To make it go away again, just click the "Remove Frame" link in the sidebar.
SHIT'S BROKEN/NOT SEEING SHIT Clear your cache before reporting it in /7ch/
SHIT SUCKS Complain at /7ch/

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