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State of IRC by ponbiki - 07/18/22 @ 12:11 AM CEST

Leaf has once again demanded an update. Consider yourself updated.

State of IRC by ponbiki - 09/26/21 @ 02:30 AM CEST

<+Leaf> airwolf me someone update the front page its been almost a year

Happy holidays, degenerates! by ponbiki - 12/22/20 @ 10:14 PM CET

Santa is still not bringing you a loli though...

気持ちいい by ponbiki - 08/22/20 @ 05:55 AM CEST


COVID-19 Update by ponbiki - 08/07/20 @ 05:54 PM CEST

Due to the increased rate of positive tests for COVID-19 in neighboring chans, 7chan will temporarily require any visitors from other chans to first quarantine in /fail/ for two weeks before posting on any other boards. This is not a decision that was made lightly, and we appreciate your cooperation with this new policy in these difficult times.

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