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stop fapping for five minutes by ponbiki - 07/29/09 @ 06:19 AM CEST

Eman has requested a nice MOTD for the 7chan IRC.
(that's irc.7chan.org #7chan if you have a client)
Get on,and let us know your suggestions
Then we'll yell at you.
A lot.
Alternatively, you can send your suggestions straight to Eman's recycle bin.
poast moar fgts
especially porn :D
Also, 7chan Radio is still around for anyone wanting to listen.

Ex opere operantis by VIPPER - 07/25/09 @ 07:38 AM CEST

Word is that some of you commoners cannot muster up the quality to reach VIP and are interested in the program so I thought that we would give you a peek of what you're missing out on.
While you are looking at your bland and basic 7chan page, this is what we are looking at. This will probably be the only VIP content you'll see so get a good look while you can.
OH WAIT, this is too much for your eyes, we should tone this down a bit. Take your scraps.

The VIP Control Panel

/VIP/ in action

Enjoy, Medocrity.

Haec olim meminisse iuvabit

Crescat scientia vita excolatur by VIPPER - 07/24/09 @ 10:33 AM CEST

Looks like I haven't made this VIP thing clear enough so I thought I would explain the whole system a little more.
Step 1: The poster (you) makes a thread or replies to an existing thread.
Step 2: The Kusaba X VIP module scans your post for VIP-patterns made from quality matching strings of text.
Step 3: Counting each VIP pattern, points are added for each one found. This does not mean that one post will bring you to VIP, points are accumulative.
Step 4: After a certain number of points are counted you are granted VIP status thus enabling your VIP panel.
Actually not really, this is all bullshit. You are born VIP, there are no shortcuts.
Vi veri universum vivus vici

Fucking Awesome by ## VIP ## Mark .C - 07/21/09 @ 07:01 AM CEST

That's all that needs to be said about the VIP accounts. Keep it classy 7chan.

Fixes and whatnot by Teffen - 07/20/09 @ 08:30 AM CEST

Fonts have been fixed to avoid Times New Roman mixing with sans-serif.
Additionally the Conductor Cat banner contest is ending Monday at 11 PM, you can find the thread here.

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