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Liru Fanboy 16/03/28(Mon)12:22 No. 751282 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 145916054288.jpg - (108.08KB , 520x695 , tumblr_inline_o3zqiuu5P61tphe7i_540.jpg )

You may have heard that the far right parties of Europe have been on the rise lately.

Germany is constituted of 16 states, the “Länder”, which all have their own parliament, which also means the states can decide a lot of stuff for themselves (this includes everything school related for example) without needing it to be accepted on a national level. Each Land votes for its parliament at least every 5 years. And today (3rd of March), was the Super-Wahl-Sonntag aka the day three different states elect their respective parliaments: Baden-Würtenberg, Rheinland-Pfalz and Sachsen-Anhalt.

The far right party AFD excelled. At the moment, the estimations lie at 24,3% in Sachsen-Anhalt (2nd place with 19 seats out of 102), 15,1% in Baden-Württemberg (3rd place with 23 seats out of 143) and 12,4% in Rheinland-Pfalz (3rd place with 13 seats out of 101). (as of 21h50)

Their political plans include:

-against the “educational exaltation of non-heterosexual people” (schools would only teach about heterosexual relationships)
-stop the “hypersexualization of children” and by this they basically mean abolishing sex-education in schools
-civil partnership (the only possibility in Germany for same-gender couples to get their relationship officially recognized) not to be put on a level with marriage
-against renewable energies
-cancel or at least, reduce subsidies
-suspend the Schengen-Contract (which allows free passage between EU countries) and close the border for the duration of the current wave of migrants
-Migrants should get social benefits solely according to their country of origin or not at all (which means no financial support at all)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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r000t 16/07/12(Tue)18:03 No. 755407

I see what you did there.

4chan user 16/07/12(Tue)18:33 No. 755409

As people grow older they also become bigger assholes.

Spider Expert 16/07/23(Sat)12:04 No. 755756

I don't know.
The AFD platform doesn't reveal itself after a quick Google search.
If it's anything like it is in the US, sex ed is barely taught to high school students, let alone pre teens.
I wouldn't worry about that if I were you.

O.P. 16/05/19(Thu)10:59 No. 753099 [Reply]

File 146364838852.jpg - (191.42KB , 800x571 , h.jpg )

I can make paragraphs with p.

I can make line breaks with br.
I prefer br.

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Bob Ross 16/07/23(Sat)08:51 No. 755754

That seems like a lot to learn. Does it get easier with time?
Do I really use all of that on a regular basis?

tee 16/07/23(Sat)18:11 No. 755760

It is. Somewhat.
You can't ask "is this going to be on the test" about these kind of things; that rationale does not apply.

p4ch3c0 16/07/23(Sat)22:12 No. 755762

I don't suppose this makes sense to anyone but me.

You don't have to learn it all at once, but in programming you never run out of things to learn.

r000t 16/06/23(Thu)04:18 No. 754726 [Reply]

File 14666483129.webm - (1.21MB , 1280x720 , 1466579781631.webm )

porn webm

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Closet Furry 16/07/01(Fri)13:17 No. 755026

File 146737186345.webm - (1.88MB , 1280x720 , CompassionateSmallCero.webm )

Sazpaimon 16/07/12(Tue)10:05 No. 755396

File 146831074770.webm - (1.71MB , 1024x576 , 1468022633007.webm )

ian 16/07/23(Sat)08:29 No. 755753

File 14692553839.webm - (1.94MB , 1076x606 , 1469235309868.webm )

Spiderman 16/07/21(Thu)16:01 No. 755712 [Reply]

File 146910969050.jpg - (115.43KB , 450x619 , image.jpg )

The owner of kat.cr is arrested and now site is down. n_n Pls, post sites similar to kat.cr, (that has tonload of anime) other than animetorrents.me.

2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Christian Weston Chandler 16/07/22(Fri)07:28 No. 755724

anime-sub is still mine

Weeabot 16/07/23(Sat)02:07 No. 755748

File 146923247379.jpg - (149.22KB , 470x1020 , image.jpg )

Omg cheers, anon, awesome site. Rest of you fags can airwolf of and die. Anyone who watches stream anime is a wanker and has no taste in quality content.

PrettyPony 16/07/23(Sat)02:47 No. 755749

>Anyone who watches stream anime is a wanker and has no taste in quality content.
Whilst I do appreciate the sentiment I must disagree. It would be best to say that they cannot fully appreciate quality content. To say audio-visual quality is the only measurement of quality disregards so much more of importance.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 16/07/22(Fri)21:00 No. 755746 [Reply]

File 146921400189.jpg - (15.40KB , 574x382 , Lazarenn01.jpg )

Ironically, the Drafa plague did destroy the Markab civilization for their corruption, just as their legends said it would.

By hiding the truth, living in denial, and shunning the innocent victims of the plague, they commited a great crime against themselves. Their religious zealousy had corrupted them, made them vulnerable and weak. The universe held them to account for their failure.

Liru Fanboy 16/07/22(Fri)21:02 No. 755747


Conductor Cat 16/04/06(Wed)19:19 No. 751616 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 145996316629.jpg - (12.01KB , 400x400 , anonymous.jpg )

I hereby announce my candidacy for the President of the United States.

My platform will be based on ideas from this board, 7chan/b, and not else. I intend to use my own judgement in selecting the most progressive ideas to put forward as bills to Congress. I'm not asking for your support, or for your requests. I intend to get ideas from all threads equally, though you may post whatever you like in this one.

I give you my word that all ideas will be considered, but not necessarily replied to or implemented.

73 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Steve 16/07/21(Thu)21:40 No. 755714

I have mixed feelings about this.
Yes, many parents are bad, and this needs to be addressed, with sex education and otherwise.
Of course just about any consential activity should be legal, sex or otherwise. Yay freedom!
But you say rape should be a civil crime, not criminal? That makes no sense.
Also, an eye for an eye is barbaric.
The Supreme Court doesn't do referendums. I don't know where you got that idea.
Regarding sterilization programs to prevent genetic defects, I think it's very important that we do, but it needs to be done carefully, because it is a very dangerous idea which can quickly become restrictive of individual freedom.
It would need to be done in such a way that preserves individual choice.
People can be encouraged to be sterile, but forcing them would be a terrifyingly authoritarian overreach of government power.

Your friendly bleeding heart lolbertarian.

ian 16/07/22(Fri)09:45 No. 755728

>I have mixed feelings about this.
I think we all do, and always will. It's not the kind of issue that can be resolved perfectly for everyone. We have to do our best to make law reasonable and have in place a means of resolving subsequent conflicts.

>you say rape should be a civil crime, not criminal?
Indeed. Primarily because it is often so difficult to prove that a criminal act of rape actually occured. Touching a girl's ass in a bar isn't rape, but as things are a man might be charged with rape for it. Having sex with a girl in your apartment after having dinner and drinks together isn't rape, but as things are if she says "no"--even after you penis is already inside her--a man might be convicted of rape for it. Two thirteen-year-olds discovering their sexuality together is not rape, but as things are both may spend the rest of their lives on a sex offender registry for it.

These incidents should not be heard by criminal courts. There are no criminal punishments appropriate for them. These are civil disputes for which only civil resolutions are appropriate.

>Also, an eye for an eye is barbaric.
I agree. The point is to discourage genuine acts of rape, to make real consequences for rapists. As things are, many acts of rape go unreported because the victims are too afraid or ashamed. The rapists should be afraid and ashamed. As things are, rapists with enough money, fame, or power tend to get away with slaps on the wrist. There will be no more slaps on the wrist. Punishment is punishment; rehabilitation is rehabilitation--rapists are to recieve both, punishment first.

I have big plans for our legal system; this is just one of them. In general, I intend to have far less people in prison and to more clearly distinguish crime from civil disputes. Incarceration alone fails as both a punishment and rehabilitation, creates career criminals, and protects the worst of the lot from retribution. We have far too many cases of a civil nature being carried out in criminal court. In many cases we are punishing people much to severly for acts that only harm themselves. Our courts are full of bias, prejudice, and anachronistic precedent; they are in need of an enema.

>The Supreme Court doesn't do referendums. I don't know where you got that idea.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Miku Fanboy 16/07/22(Fri)19:28 No. 755742

No one ever asked the public if they wanted the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, nor did we negotiate terms to favor our local economy in enforcing the WIPO's treaties.

I would take steps to formalize the A2K movement into a proposal for the United Nations, one I would not back out of having passed during my time in office. This won't solve all of our problems.

People shouldn't be jailed for redistributing information on how or where to find other people's intellectual property. That's like arresting a hobo for telling some kids the supermarket leaves the cokes in the loading area out back from moring 'til noon every thursday. The supermarket is at fault for not protecting their merchandise; they couldn't argue that leaving it out back on some crates gave them a "reasonable expectation of safety".

Nearly all of the currently employed methods of digital rights management can be easily subverted; no one can claim that any of them offer a reasonable expectation of protection. Furthermore, without proof of criminal intent, they cannot claim anyone who has bought their product and subsequently breaks the encryption on it is commiting a crime.

We need to remove some rediculousness from our society, and replacing the DCMA with a more reasonable solution sounds like a good start.

I'm open to suggestions on this one; it's a big issue with even small people on both sides. How can we have both reasonable protection for creator's right to benefit from their creation and reasonable access to the products of their creation for the public? Technologically, legally, philosophically, we need to work this out with a greater number of voices than WIPO and RIAA consist of.

He-Man 16/04/26(Tue)20:13 No. 752294 [Reply]

Youtube - Toggle Video

9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
N3X15 16/07/12(Tue)07:37 No. 755386

Youtube - Toggle Video
  Micha X Murphy

Spiderman 16/07/22(Fri)15:08 No. 755735

I guess I'm a jerk. There's nothing wrong with this slam poetry. I'm being completely hypocritical because I was president of the poetry club at school and read slam opens at poetry slams.

Optimus Prime 16/07/22(Fri)19:04 No. 755741

>I was president of the poetry club at school and read slam opens at poetry slams

It's ok. My favorite day in eighth grade honors english class was the slam poetry session our teacher organized. She let volunteers read their poetry assignments over candle light for the class; mine was about the bombing of Hiroshima.

Spider Expert 15/12/21(Mon)07:01 No. 747634 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 145067768096.png - (179.58KB , 553x553 , Turkey_(orthographic_projection)_svg.png )

Turkey fights for ISIS.

I'll say it again: TURKEY FIGHTS FOR ISIS.

This has always been the case. Their support has been overt and obvious from the begining. Why won't anyone report on it? Because the US is clinging to their status as an "ally". They are allied with ISIS.

Let me count the ways:

Arab Spring: lethal oppression of protests, partiularly non-muslim and pro-western advocates murdered in the streets by police and military.

Onset of Syrian Civil War: Quite happy to do nothing about it; leave those non-muslim arabs to die and let any non-kurdish belligerant forces cross their territory for military campaigns.

Early US intervention period: The only reason they join the fight is explicit endorsement for genocide of the Kurdish people in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. They commence their campaign of genocide--completely ignoring ISIS still crossing their territory and shipping oil through their country. Every international recruit to ISIS passes through Turkey; vidoes and photographs of this are published--Turkey is never held responsible.

Onset of Russian intervention: Russian intelligence gathers hard evidence that most ISIS supply routes--including mercenaries and wealons--as well as oil exports pass primarily through Turkey.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

57 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
ian 16/06/18(Sat)03:48 No. 754537

Pseudo Chicken schemes for money like the rests of the hoards. Would have declared being invaded when Iraq was if they were full durka. Europoofs. Help government take over and pick scapegoats to show how honourable they are.

Character is worth something, find it in every place. Generally tells fences to airwolf off. Put a bit of themselves everywhere and other people claiming it as them is fighting woids.

If Muhammad Jihad and his merry men dropped religion and died against everything wrong I'd have to get my 73 virgins. Better not be children or asian, cool Asian is ok. Styling like a Thai.
Getting crushed by a Tank religion isn't that bad except the churches, priests and entitled acting boredoms. Polite and enthusiastic family men are ok, but the same from all religion, the religion is the downer to that, but trying to be good is good. Pretending you don't have to be better than that guy in your favourite book just isn't acceptable, though being mildly traitorous such as listening to the news and paying tax, so on, so family have less of that scapegoat scope on them, meh, I can hate on that and invalidate them as a person.

Bob Ross 16/06/30(Thu)09:50 No. 754967


NY Times, today:
"From the start of the Islamic State’s rise through the chaos of the Syrian war, Turkey has played a central, if complicated, role in the group’s story. For years, it served as a rear base, transit hub and shopping bazaar for the Islamic State, and at first, that may have protected Turkey from the violence the group has inflicted elsewhere."


"Some analysts saw this as the Islamic State trying to have it both ways: punishing Turkey for starting to act against it, but leaving enough of a gray area that it avoids a full-on clash with a country that has been valuable to its operations."

maybe they're gonna break up?

Reimu Hakurei 16/07/22(Fri)18:07 No. 755740

Read this article carefully and note that Turkey has not missed the opportunity to blame its own problems on Russia:


derp 16/07/22(Fri)14:33 No. 755733 [Reply]

File 146919080332.jpg - (28.56KB , 486x276 , the_worst_thing_about_censorship-4ea871c-intro.jpg )

Thread was deleted.
Why do you put up with this?

He-Man 16/07/22(Fri)15:57 No. 755737

it upsets me that my and many other's comments and threads have been lost to the infinite rage and aloofness of the mods.

and yet...
i cannot keep myself from the devastatingly alluring premium content of 7Chan.

Anonymous 16/07/22(Fri)17:58 No. 755738

Stockholm Syndrome

Welcome to 7chan (^_-)

ian 16/07/22(Fri)15:07 No. 755734 [Reply]

File 146919286935.png - (114.30KB , 224x225 , png;base64bfcb154c7b86ea55.png )

Hey losers,

My name is Skyler, but everyone calls me Alphabet because i'm the ALPHA male and you better BET on it. You chumps make me sick, hanging out on your nerd website all day jerking off to fat chicks, making your gay little pictures, and dressing up like faggots and protesting all over the place.

Lets face it, the chicks can't resist my bangin' guns. When I walk up into the club the bitches can't wait for the Alphabet to wrap his pimp mitts around their titties. I have a .312 batting average (not that you fags even know what that means), and can drink all of you children under the table. You losers need to get a airwolfing life.

Pic related : That's me pawin' on some sweater puppies up in the club.

Novice Equestrian 16/07/22(Fri)18:01 No. 755739

Wow, it's been a while.

You went all out, really reboiled that copy pasta. It's kind of a sloppy mess though.

He-Man 16/07/22(Fri)20:45 No. 755744

It's like stepping into a really shitty time machine.

Spiderman 16/07/23(Sat)05:04 No. 755750

File 146924308711.jpg - (24.37KB , 410x224 , idiocracy_timemasheen.jpg )

In the distant future, only our memes will remain to define us.

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