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Christian Weston Chandler 15/05/04(Mon)12:52 No. 740449 [Reply]

File 143073674290.jpg - (239.02KB , 1280x800 , IMG_2929.jpg )

Well, I just read self.gutenberg.org/articles/Pee-Che-Kir and sure, it's a compelling rabbit hole into the majority of US history, which they never bothered to teach us, but now I need something to read that doesn't make me want to murder everyone in this country.

What are you reading you precious homosexuals?

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Reimu Hakurei 15/05/08(Fri)07:13 No. 740539

I lived on Windansea beach in La Jolla for a few years. My apartment was the closest one to the Pumphouse and I'd throw my crap against it when I'd paddle out to bodysurf that airwolfing mean shore break.

Turns out, that was the pumphouse Tom Wolf immortalized in The Pumphouse Gang. Never read it though. Perhaps I should.

Miku Fanboy 15/05/08(Fri)11:22 No. 740543

ooooh, nice.

I just finished Chris Hedges' Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt. I also went to the only local independent book store in my county and ordered a copy of his new book coming out in a few days.

Moot 15/05/10(Sun)02:46 No. 740622


it's a good read, I enjoyed it, it's a book on dissent in its own way naturally and I've obsessedly read through tons of books of that nature, but this book is just great, and won't make you want to kill everyone, in fact it might even be entertaining when you're in that mood, or out of it, in fact I bet it is - the book reads a bit like a fiction novel by military sci fi authors but it's an accounting of his personal life


I advise against ever trying to read lenin's "two tactics" book or whatever, that thing will make you a homicidal maniac over how badly written it is

Lorf 15/05/03(Sun)05:18 No. 740419 [Reply]

File 143062312721.png - (247.09KB , 1920x979 , creepybro_bw_lowdpi.png )

I get it now, the facination with "primitive", ancestral and extinct cultures.

We see our predecessors as somehow lesser than ourselves. Be it their lack of technology, their barbaric justice system, their man-eating god ceremonies, we can't avoid comparing them to ourselves and thinking: "We've come a long way..."

We haven't, not really.
That's beside the point.

They were as intelligent as we are. They understood and they communicated and they developed society. They were a developing people, in the dude@linux.dev sense.

This was a time when the first culture to develop a technology conquered all the other cultures. Fire, Chariots, Ships (oh wait, that's us!), bows and arrows, etc. They competed like the Cold Airwolfing War for technology. It took them time, yeah. They had to build from the ground up you know: no heat sources; no miners; no scientific database; no written airwolfing language. Think about it like not only compiling "culture" from source code before install, but compiling all of it's dependencies as well... *drum roll*........ after you write all the source code for everything by yourself.

pic unrelated, do you recall San Francisco?

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Sonichu 15/05/08(Fri)20:58 No. 740559

fireguy was a dev; everyone else was a script kiddie

Novice Equestrian 15/05/09(Sat)15:08 No. 740592

wheeldude's accomplishments were also notable; and let's not forget the agriculture dev team.

Closet Furry 15/05/09(Sat)21:14 No. 740609

Yeah it was impressive at the time, it must have been really hard to start the spark and keep the fire alive for so long without any knowledge on how to do it.

However, those were easy tasks compared on what scientists have to go through to make an advancement in science, it is an exciting but long journey through books, bizarre theories and a huge amount of equations. You can't keep your sanity, it's impossible, an insurmountable barrier was destroyed more than one hundred years ago and it changed everything, it's still about throwing things to a wall to see if it sticks.

Too bad the scientific community is full of selfish pricks and no idea is safe, it is more about the money rather than progress. A new war would be a terrible thing to happen, but without anyone telling you how to do your work, we would reach a golden age of science, airwolf ethics, we need progress.

Spiderman 15/05/09(Sat)18:04 No. 740601 [Reply]

File 143118748918.jpg - (58.56KB , 666x775 , addtmddbmv.jpg )



( for simply jacks. so simple. hard not to love.)

better world for all.

all the time.

down with the chinese mafia.

im a greek god. im a titan. airwolf the plane dwellers and their 'FEAR'

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

PrettyPony 15/05/09(Sat)18:09 No. 740603

all those that think so far, then their trail of thought runs out

like fake church leaders

all about the teaching. nothing to bring to the table.

trail of thought runs dry. another unreal traitor to the good peace. BITCHES!!!! well intentions that make airwolf sense.. trail of thought ends too soon.... airwolf off nothing to bring to the table moferairwolfing toy man yesterdays news and ideas.... no patents pending.... stupid toy men... airwolf sake.

Optimus Prime 15/05/09(Sat)18:10 No. 740604

thanks for receiving my kind gestures 7chan. i will be back in twenty or so years for my next chemical reaction.

Novice Equestrian 15/05/09(Sat)19:56 No. 740608

I was about to delete everything you've posted on 7chan. You write like a spambot. Don't be strawberryed like OP kids, winners don't use drugs.

Spiderman 15/05/08(Fri)15:07 No. 740549 [Reply]

File 143109044115.jpg - (127.62KB , 437x551 , 137253312331.jpg )

white stockings , ass and heels

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O.P. 15/05/08(Fri)19:07 No. 740557


Steve 15/05/09(Sat)09:29 No. 740586

nice thumbnail
is that a wet spot or is that papa smurf airwolfing gargamel in the ear?

Homicide 15/05/09(Sat)15:57 No. 740595

It's Hello Kitty. It's upside down.

Brony 15/05/08(Fri)21:37 No. 740561 [Reply]

File 143111383340.jpg - (377.68KB , 750x1334 , image.jpg )

Harbl harbl harbl hotel

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Marisa Kirisame 15/05/08(Fri)23:10 No. 740568

Come to think of it, it can easily be replicated today if we change AiDS to Ebola.
But i'm satisfied with the idea itself

Miku Fanboy 15/05/08(Fri)23:33 No. 740569

>But i'm satisfied with the idea itself

That's good and we can leave it by itself.

W. T. Snacks 15/05/09(Sat)10:49 No. 740589

Yes, let's.

Nyan Cat 15/05/05(Tue)20:04 No. 740477 [Reply]

File 143084909799.jpg - (38.67KB , 530x530 , #.jpg )


Anybody seen this shit? "KILL THE FAGGOT"..

6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
p4ch3c0 15/05/08(Fri)08:56 No. 740541

That bitch was hyper ventilating by the end, yes it is hateful and wrong, but why does he feel so offended by it? Either he is a faggot or a homophobic.

Liru Fanboy 15/05/08(Fri)09:14 No. 740542

File 14310692626.png - (89.75KB , 300x240 , cat2.png )

I thought about this for 5 minutes trying to think of a reason I why I should care and I came up with nothing.

So I don't care about this.

derp 15/05/08(Fri)15:50 No. 740551

Edgy and try hard, only an insecure man with the thought process of a teenager could come up with this kind of shit.

Marisa Kirisame 15/04/17(Fri)08:27 No. 739924 [Reply]

File 142925206925.gif - (2.81MB , 320x240 , 0491293358.gif )

You know what makes me cum buckets? Putting on a video of a guy masturbating and moaning, but switching the tab i'm viewing to the porn (of women). Then I pretend i'm jerking off with other guys to the girl.

42 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Marisa Kirisame 15/05/08(Fri)00:43 No. 740531

Exposed to air? What are you up to anon?
I don't think you even need to moisturize if it's dry. Although lubrication might be helpful if you have hemorrhoids, are constipated, or are engaging in anal sexytimes.
Nevertheless, you shouldn't keep it constantly wet, that can set a path to all sorts of infections...
Are you drinking a good amount of water? Is the rest of your skin dry as well?

He-Man 15/05/08(Fri)00:59 No. 740532

File 143103959538.png - (279.37KB , 616x421 , ^_^.png )

Pics or it didn't happen.

r000t 15/05/06(Wed)03:32 No. 740489 [Reply]

File 143087595387.jpg - (21.66KB , 400x418 , sad-frog.jpg )

it feels like an extraterrestrial down there. if paying for sex was legal and i wouldnt pay more than 2 dollars a minute. maybe im crazy (sometimes i think im a robot)

7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Miku Fanboy 15/05/06(Wed)20:29 No. 740509

File 143093699089.png - (206.43KB , 414x382 , Gay-Men.png )


Christian Weston Chandler 15/05/06(Wed)23:09 No. 740512

You'd pay 60 dollars for 30 minutes with a hooker? airwolf that.

poe 15/05/06(Wed)23:44 No. 740513

>airwolf that.

Closet Furry 15/05/02(Sat)23:58 No. 740410 [Reply]

File 143060392254.png - (88.70KB , 2400x2400 , GrammarNazi.png )

"He started speak when Bethany interrupted."

How would you describe this grammatical error?


5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Mudkip 15/05/05(Tue)01:53 No. 740464

>The sentence is lack a dependent prepositions needed to make it correct.


Sazpaimon 15/05/05(Tue)10:05 No. 740471

Is it en_US to call these "phrasal verbs"?

Nyan Cat 15/05/05(Tue)11:57 No. 740475

>"He started to speak (or "started speaking") when Bethany interrupted."

This is still broken. started and interrupted happen at the exact same time in this sentence. One cannot interrupt something that has not yet started. start must happen before interrupt, logcially.

So, again >>740413

Bill 15/05/01(Fri)00:45 No. 740381 [Reply]

File 143043392262.jpg - (545.36KB , 1280x966 , image.jpg )

Does 7ch have. /fit/?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
ian 15/05/04(Mon)02:31 No. 740443

File 143069947093.jpg - (72.41KB , 398x370 , CP.jpg )

We prefer salads

Closet Furry 15/05/05(Tue)04:24 No. 740466

Might you tell me what you hope to achieve with such a diet? Let's ignore the pizza for a moment, what is going to change about you by eating the finest of cheeses and berries?

Spiderman 15/05/05(Tue)06:07 No. 740469

he didn't say the cheese and berries were going to change him, he said it was the pizza and soda

Don't worry about the fast food. What you should do is take a break and eat all the "guilty pleasure" food you want. I get those cravings from time to time (I eat healthy 97% of the time), and I've been more or less at the same weight for the last four years. It'll just settle as a long-term habit if you don't satisfy your cravings.

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