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Novice Equestrian 17/05/26(Fri)10:29 No. 766987 [Reply]

File 149578736233.jpg - (6.17KB , 200x200 , 1494885863213-2.jpg )

Are people who vape really the pinnacle of human evolution?

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Cryomancer 17/05/26(Fri)19:51 No. 767115

From a distance, a goose call looks not too dissimilar from a vape pen. It really livens things up when you join your coworkers for a smoke break.

Spider Expert 17/05/27(Sat)14:08 No. 767142

Now, what is next in your master plan?

Christian Weston Chandler 17/05/27(Sat)14:14 No. 767144

Especially when you're surrounded by geese.

Those airwolfers are everywhere.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/05/27(Sat)08:04 No. 767125 [Reply]

File 149586508627.jpg - (22.33KB , 480x480 , 14052714_1220301998000844_1362608449_n.jpg )

I'm black, am I accepted here?

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Anonymous 17/05/27(Sat)12:20 No. 767136

File 149588040424.png - (480.76KB , 611x508 , 1495831004419.png )

Of course. Cmon in fam, we actually have a few black people here. Shocking I know?

O.P. 17/05/27(Sat)15:55 No. 767148

No one is accepted here; but you're welcome to post!

Steve 17/05/27(Sat)18:23 No. 767154

Niggers not welcome. Go back to cuckchan.

Bill 17/05/23(Tue)18:41 No. 766683 [Reply]

File 149555768670.jpg - (2.78MB , 3008x5344 , WP_20170520_20_11_26.jpg )

This past Saturday the missus and I came upon an accident (pic related).
I directed the driver of the car to return to his vehicle; he didn't need to see the scene.
The motorcyclist was face down in the street; his helmet keeping his nose off the asphalt. He looked at us and blinked when we asked him to. His breathing was fast becoming shallow. I grabbed his wallet (in b4 nigged an accident victim) and got his name. There were now 6 or 7 people around yelling at him to keep fighting, to not fall asleep, to blink.
His pulse was so weak ...then undetectable. We log rolled him and started chest compressions. As I looked into his eyes, urging him to keep on, to blink and let me know he was still with us, he locked his gaze with me and gave me two blinks... He broke his gaze and I yelled at him to not give up. He looked back at me. His eyes dilated and froze as if he was looking into a reverse sun. I closed and opened his eyes. His pupils were fixed. His ghost had gone.
I told the others. Showed my wife. Her years working in neurosurgery told her the score.
I held his head steady with my left hand placing my right on the now third anon to give chest compressions. He's gone I told the anon.
WE CANT JUST GIVE UP ON HIM! anon screamed.
OK, resetting my hands to stabilize the head and neck I said, let's go let's do this.
I looked at anon. His face was helplessness and panic. Anon was becoming winded. Sweat and tears were falling on the corpse. My wife told anon to take a break. She took over compressions.
Anon stepped away. Everyone but the wife and me had backed away, looking at us and the corpse. The firetruck was pulling up over the hill. I looked at my wife to tell her we could stop. She pursed her lips and cut her eyes at the gawking bystanders. We were working so everyone else there did not have hope die.
I shook my head to the negative at the approaching fireman. The corpse began to convulse. The fireman kneeled and we gave him the run down. He looked at the thrashing corpse, us "trying" to save the man, and the surrounding crowd. With a sad smile he took over compressions. The other emergency personnel filled in. As they wrapped the collar around his neck I let go. The corpse's now bare top was covered in medical leads and a mixture of professional and jailhouse tattoos.
I looked over and saw the driver of the car distraught sitting alone. We approached, took his hands, hugged, and told him the other guy was being looked after. They had him on the way to the hospital and would do their best.
This anon had no one there nor anyone that was answering his phone calls. We stayed with him. I ran to a nearby restaurant, bought a grilled chicken breast for his dog, and got him a little bowl of water. Over the next three hours us and the dog consoled anon while the crime scene investigators did their job. Finally a chaplain showed up and broke th Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/05/23(Tue)21:40 No. 766690

Airwolf, that's dubs and a triple.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/05/24(Wed)02:02 No. 766696

>cool pic
>not one drop of blood on the street
>removing his helmet which no one with any knowledge of neurology would do
>putting a collar on a dead man
what in tarnation, op!

Weeabot 17/05/26(Fri)19:12 No. 767113

Blood was on the victim.
Fire cut his helmet off to try and access an airway.
Cervical collar is standard precaution.
It does not take massive amounts of visible blood to contract a disease, a few drops will do.

Conductor Cat 17/04/07(Fri)03:12 No. 763939 [Reply]

File 149152755526.jpg - (11.48KB , 316x236 , young-mr-grace.jpg )

7chan, you've all done very well!

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Marisa Kirisame 17/05/24(Wed)02:18 No. 766697

Sometimes I wonder if names really are generated randomly.

Weeabot 17/05/26(Fri)18:09 No. 767103

I don't imagine a lot of effort was put into the coding, but there is at times a serendipity to the results.

Novice Equestrian 17/05/26(Fri)19:05 No. 767112

File 149581833639.png - (525.71KB , 735x1073 , b3c3893ce7f7f7702fa5f2caa75f1c6cf2131539ec04cd85f0.png )


Sazpaimon 17/05/19(Fri)15:10 No. 766341 [Reply]

File 149519943980.jpg - (10.07KB , 266x190 , 2993758282.jpg )

Boys, I lost my virginity it took me 28 years but I finally did it. Ask me anything.

24 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Bob Ross 17/05/25(Thu)20:17 No. 766804

Why did she have to be a preteen?
Why does she have to be a virgin?

tee 17/05/26(Fri)08:47 No. 766975

After you break the seal it's all downhill.

OP 17/05/26(Fri)10:08 No. 766981

How so?

Closet Furry 17/05/25(Thu)10:14 No. 766796 [Reply]

File 149570009558.jpg - (100.27KB , 855x720 , 1491188687243.jpg )

What other anonymous imageboard sites do you frequent?

Miku Fanboy 17/05/25(Thu)23:54 No. 766810

File 149574928164.jpg - (6.70KB , 243x208 , winner.jpg )

There are OTHER anonymous imageboard sites?

tee 17/05/22(Mon)15:28 No. 766610 [Reply]

File 149545971281.jpg - (89.76KB , 960x540 , 1375239974778.jpg )

Is suicide a more healthy or safer alternative to abortion?

1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/05/23(Tue)05:27 No. 766629

Why not both? For that matter, sometimes it's just as easy to throw murder in at the same time, so consider going for the trifecta.

Spider Expert 17/05/23(Tue)06:55 No. 766646

Why not the race of the father?

Steve 17/05/25(Thu)20:04 No. 766803

Only if you make it look like an accident

poe 17/05/04(Thu)07:11 No. 765169 [Reply]

File 149387467058.jpg - (32.43KB , 258x310 , 1443444077518.jpg )

My older sister just came in town I hadn't seen her since I was a little kid. She's 12 years older than me and I ran into her in a bar and she hit on me and rubbed my cock. But I feared what may happen if I went along with it. How much autism do I really have?

18 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Bill 17/05/08(Mon)13:27 No. 765338

Revenge is a dish best served cold, by op's cold dead hands.

Optimus Prime 17/05/09(Tue)02:13 No. 765358

i lol'd

Conductor Cat 17/05/25(Thu)08:59 No. 766792

How'd things turn out OP? Did you find a place?

Anonymous 16/06/10(Fri)05:55 No. 754104 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 146553091940.jpg - (29.68KB , 960x540 , school-of-athens-sitter.jpg )

Can a self contradictory moral system be good?
Logic says no.
Common sense says yes.

63 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cryomancer 17/05/06(Sat)10:10 No. 765276

File 149405820392.gif - (2.49MB , 480x360 , ThatEvilGavinMacLeod.gif )

Its not that vegans don't eat meat, it's that vegans are usually insufferably arrogant about not eating meat and generally are a complete ass to anyone who isn't also a vegan.

If you don't know many vegans it's understandable to not understand this basic tenet. Some of them don't actually make a big deal about their choice. Kind of how I don't make a big deal about eating mostly vegetables with some meat (invert the average american's ratio of meat to veggies and you're basically there).

The rest though... holy airwolf I just want to eat my meal, I don't want the same long discourse about how you and that weird guy from accounting are the only decent people and everyone else is going to vegan hell or the vegan moral equivalent. Every goddamn airwolfing day that the two show up.

And you can't even blame it on a couple assholes just being assholes. For decades I've had to put up with a never ending series of these shitheads across jobs and social circles. At this point I think it's just a tenet of veganism to act like complete dicks to anyone who isn't also a vegan and be insufferably arrogant about it.

PrettyPony 17/05/06(Sat)10:13 No. 765277

File 14940584184.png - (179.85KB , 500x627 , things-to-remember.png )

>A better system?
I think the age of enlightenment would be a good place to start.

Christian Weston Chandler 17/05/25(Thu)07:37 No. 766787

Even if common sense was a thing, or whatever, it still doesn't work in all situations.

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