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Weeabot 14/09/13(Sat)06:07 No. 731196 [Reply]

File 141058127877.jpg - (132.03KB , 792x533 , amt203_291.jpg )


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Steve 14/09/22(Mon)03:38 No. 732051

Hey Cable

Marisa Kirisame 14/09/22(Mon)03:48 No. 732054

File 141135053575.jpg - (49.12KB , 768x512 , Gaytrain.jpg )



Conductor Cat 14/10/11(Sat)05:32 No. 733145

File 141299832677.jpg - (163.95KB , 1024x669 , 209565_167560389966180_7457813_o.jpg )

[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/10/11(Sat)04:03 No. 733133 [Reply]

File 141299302811.png - (125.70KB , 500x402 , tumblr_m3u3nyqBsz1qczpeuo1_500.png )


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Cryomancer 14/10/11(Sat)04:37 No. 733139

File 141299504915.jpg - (728.20KB , 2388x1712 , Big_Boy_4006.jpg )

Ok, but none of those castrated sissy Amtrak trains.

symbion 14/10/11(Sat)05:18 No. 733143

airwolf you it's F40PH Friday not Big Boy friday

Optimus Prime 14/10/11(Sat)05:30 No. 733144


We Don't need two of the same threads on here op. Really need to check first. Or Is your attention span really that short?

Bill 14/10/08(Wed)06:16 No. 733005 [Reply]

File 141274179987.png - (184.34KB , 420x380 , tmp_140752198665-1832909538.png )

Happy Full Blood Moon 7Chan! I hope the weather is nice tommorow morning for you all to see the full blood moon total eclipse!

Truly a rare sight! This lunar eclipse which coincides with tonight’s full moon is also a blood moon; that is, it will take on a dusky red-orange hue as the eclipse approaches totality. Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough to be on the east coast of the US, the blood moon will set on the western horizon at exactly the same time as the Sun rises in the east. You’ll be able to see the Sun and a total lunar eclipse at the same time!

Best wishes! Hope you have a exciting night!!!

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Moot 14/10/10(Fri)03:15 No. 733085


youuuu sonofabitch

Bob Ross 14/10/11(Sat)04:47 No. 733140

ima cop you idiot!

ian 14/10/11(Sat)04:53 No. 733141

File 141299601796.gif - (1.49MB , 640x360 , hue.gif )


symbion 14/10/11(Sat)02:33 No. 733129 [Reply]

File 141298763611.jpg - (13.34KB , 337x450 , cumdumpster.jpg )

"20yo fat pigslut looking to be humiliated and used. Make me your cumdump!
This slut wants to be used. I only respond to interesting emails so tell me about yourself and what you want to do to me
The more interesting you are the more likely you'll get a response

This dirty cunt wants to be your cumrag"

Give me some good suggestions and I'll e-mail,meet,post results. Let's get airwolfing crazy.

Cryomancer 14/10/11(Sat)02:51 No. 733131

I wanna get you pregnant just so you can watch me airwolf your children

and I'll have you clean them with your tongue afterwords

Lorf 14/10/10(Fri)20:22 No. 733110 [Reply]

File 14129653596.gif - (2.03MB , 640x480 , ALLTHESEBEES.gif )

Act I:

Scene: Dismally small and undecorated japanese bathroom.

ME: airwolf, ants crawling all over the bath tub
*kills them with boiling hot water*


(fade out)

Act II:

(blistering hot, white sunlight)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Nyan Cat 14/10/11(Sat)00:33 No. 733120

Act III:

Platoon number 6725428: We've found pure crystals. Notify HQ.
HQ: Reinforcements are making their way to your location. For THE QUEEEN!!!!
Platoon number 6725428: FOR THE QUEEEEEEEN!!!
Ant number 92635826354: *packs glass, rips sugar crystal*
Ant number 92635826353: *get's high with ant number 92635826354*

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 14/10/10(Fri)21:05 No. 733113 [Reply]

File 141296795726.jpg - (1.29MB , 2432x3005 , _20141010_120302.jpg )

I was going to make ramen for lunch,but there isn't any left. What do you suggest as an alternative?

4chan user 14/10/10(Fri)21:59 No. 733116

Penis. It'll be even tastier if you put some of that honey in it.

Novice Equestrian 14/09/11(Thu)08:15 No. 731062 [Reply]

File 141041613891.jpg - (85.79KB , 563x1024 , 1410319115082.jpg )

I expected Our Illustrious President to announce, in the tradition of all post neocon leaders, another war, operation, offensive, or more ideally, something less defined, with no 1st threat, no clear enemy, no victory conditions.

...thus ensuring and continuing the perpetual state of war that has always attempted to grant the government permanent extraordinary wartime powers, the defense industry establishment unlimited spending, Washington the legitimization of corruption, and the indefinite suspension and quiet redaction of human rights domestic and foreign as granted by the constitution. aka, the death of every good idea the US ever had in exchange for all and more of the bad.

And the 4th president in a row to drop bombs on Iraq and use it as a premise for this did not disappoint. This is the shit we're talking about when we say the two parties are the same. After Taft they both signed on to the idea that the US will be the chief aggressor in the world and enslave all people to its war machine. Expressly against the clear detailed desperate wishes and lessons hard-learned of every airwolfing founder of this country that bothered to write them down.

Well USA can backslide into militarism and watch every other nation on earth surpass it in scientific and social advancement and quality of life all it wants, I'm airwolfin leaving for greener pastures.

Also, airwolf /Hi, only 2 unhappy faggots ever go there, and when they do all they talk about is which old army had better outfits.

Pic related, it's random.

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[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/10/08(Wed)05:39 No. 733002

File 141273958973.gif - (68.92KB , 540x645 , economyofscales.gif )


herp 14/10/08(Wed)05:54 No. 733004

O.K. - I'm Listening

W. T. Snacks 14/10/08(Wed)17:43 No. 733017

Not related but can you post some of that nice ass though

Lorf 14/10/08(Wed)12:52 No. 733011 [Reply]

File 141276556157.gif - (765.22KB , 500x281 , http%3A%2F%2F38_media_tumblr_com%2Fddade836b37ce64.gif )

Mother airwolfing Music therd

Post something that airwolfs your mind or atleast worth listing

-County music not recommended
-rap crap not not recommended


3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
p4ch3c0 14/10/10(Fri)10:39 No. 733095

File 141293038976.png - (10.00KB , 232x217 , buuuy.png )

for some reason this is the only image that popped up in my mind throughout the first track

OP 14/10/10(Fri)14:32 No. 733097


because it sounds like this?

PrettyPony 14/09/13(Sat)00:28 No. 731175 [Reply]

File 141056088786.jpg - (116.28KB , 1280x720 , oregairu-hikigaya-and-yui.jpg )

Alright guys, here's a question.

Who here has no friends? By that I mean absolutely no real life friends.

I watch anime like Watamote and Oregairu and don't understand why it's so hard for them to make friends.

I've been asshole-ish, crude, I've intentionally avoided people and human contact - because they annoy me - and I've still ended up with friends wherever I go.

Strangers talk to me for no apparent reason. I'm not rich, particularly good looking or "cool". It just kind of happens.

People don't want to be alone, so they cling to others; it's what they do. So when I hear that some people are incapable of making friends, I have trouble believing it.

Who here still has no/is unable to make real life friends?

41 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Bob Ross 14/10/09(Thu)12:09 No. 733047

hipster faggot

Marisa Kirisame 14/10/10(Fri)00:46 No. 733074

Uhoh edgy 14yo alert, everyone hide or you'll get the rap for consorting with a minor.

Nyan Cat 14/10/09(Thu)11:31 No. 733043 [Reply]

File 141284708347.jpg - (133.84KB , 500x333 , 1317352832583.jpg )

Indiana man shot with Taser gun, pulled from car during traffic stop

Moot 14/10/09(Thu)19:09 No. 733056

Youtube - Toggle Video
  Video removed, was it this one?

Anonymous 14/10/09(Thu)19:57 No. 733059

I look forward to the day niggers just start shooting cops in the face the instant they roll the window down. It's comin...

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