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symbion 14/08/11(Mon)19:25 No. 728888 [Reply]

File 140777793818.png - (342.57KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2014-08-12 00:26:50.png )

7chan, in 1920x1080 glory, full screen, firefox, noscript + adblock + elementhiding helper **** internet experience.

archlinux amd64 rollig release

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Anonymous 14/08/28(Thu)01:49 No. 729916

http://lrnj.com/ is what you're thinking of.

Brony 14/08/28(Thu)05:31 No. 729933

indeed that is

Conductor Cat 14/08/28(Thu)09:20 No. 729940

>-1 for wtf is the point of this post?

idk, i was really high.

Miku Fanboy 14/08/27(Wed)20:40 No. 729909 [Reply]

File 140916485273.jpg - (410.12KB , 585x620 , DSC04995.jpg )

i hate cum

r000t 14/08/27(Wed)23:26 No. 729911

File 140917476831.jpg - (220.02KB , 412x632 , DSC0884998c.jpg )

well sometimes its ok i guess

Spiderman 14/08/28(Thu)00:10 No. 729914

Youtube - Toggle Video
  Hatred of cum is a thing to be conquered.

I just wish Maury Povich would organize therapeutic bukkake for bitches who hate cum.

Sazpaimon 14/04/24(Thu)06:37 No. 722346 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 139831424277.gif - (405.54KB , 380x298 , 1391812062551.gif )

This party needs more dancing gifs.

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Bob Ross 14/08/27(Wed)10:37 No. 729875

zeneslev 14/08/27(Wed)17:35 No. 729897

File 140915373047.gif - (688.22KB , 200x150 , 1389076647007.gif )

Lorf 14/08/27(Wed)11:00 No. 729883 [Reply]

File 140913001354.jpg - (73.99KB , 753x686 , 1389477930410.jpg )

Does anyone remember a girl by the name of exilevilify_ or unicornblood12? Pic unrelated.

symbion 14/08/27(Wed)13:56 No. 729894


I'm confused., there are missing glyphs in this. and they dont seem to make words, unless its one big word, but i would imagine a 9 letter word would have to be an anagram given 3 consonants are bunched together.

derp 14/08/27(Wed)19:06 No. 729904

I remember this test, I could do them all except one (can't remember which). The point is to find the missing ninth shape according to the shapes given before.
The answer is F i think, necause when you look at it diagonally (left top to right bottom, it's like this:
1 I 2 I 3
4 I 5 I 6
7 I 8 I 9
Thus we can imply that 9=1+5
The shape which is the combination of 1 and 5 is F.

h 14/08/27(Wed)17:04 No. 729896 [Reply]

File 140915184744.jpg - (13.46KB , 307x400 , the mouth of hell.jpg )

What does the mouth of hell look like?

>pic related I think this may be close


Marisa Kirisame 14/05/06(Tue)10:38 No. 722687 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 139936549850.jpg - (546.82KB , 2048x1536 , 0505142326.jpg )

Dream thread. Post any dreams that you remember. Pic related: my bed.

I was looking at a CD album art that looked like a gray arch and some clouds, or maybe a girl's butt, but probably a grey stone arch and some grey clouds. Señora S., my Spanish teacher, was explaining to us about the artist, and I looked forward and saw a larger image of the painting. There was a tornado in the ocean, and I asked if God was angry. Señora S. said no, it was only a demon. The tornado turned into a storm that generated some orange light. It plunged down into the water and then exploded, and out of it came an aircraft. This aircraft was similar to the Halberd (Kirby, video game) in shape, but mostly it resembled what I imagined Howl's castle (Howl's Moving Castle, movie) to look like when it was first created. It was a great airship with many wings and Howl was there shouting about how great it was to be flying in the airship, and I was there with him. He said to someone who I now assume to be Calcifer that he should have brought another blanket. We were flying low over great mountains now, and then we were upon them, sliding along the ridge, being pulled by a rope. The ridge was sharp. There was no flat area on the ridge, only an edge where the two sides of the mountain came together. We continued along for some time, slowing down and climbing a bit more upward now. I was holding on to the rope, and pulling myself up, and I realized that I was the last in the band of climbers who perhaps resembled the band of dwarfs in The Hobbit, and so I ran. We came to what seemed to be the top of the mountain, because there were bushes and a stone path. We went up this stone path, amid some apprehensions. I was still the last in line, along with some other person, and we heard someone say "Get out of here!" and so I ran the other way. I soon decided that I should not abandon my company, and I went back up the stone path, grabbing onto the bushes to pull me along because it is hard to run in a dream, and there were some of our men and some soldiers with brown stone blocks as part of their heads or their hats, I'm not sure. We were lined up along what looked like a runway for a plane, and there might have been a castle in the background, but I was not paying attention to that. It was like a turn-based RPG. I did a combo attack with my spear, and woke up.

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OP 14/08/26(Tue)02:53 No. 729802

I once dreamt I was in an airport, I got on the wrong plane. This plane was full of people with lice in their hair, which disgusted me and was going to the concentration camp. At the concentration I pretended to be a nazi guard and left. Then suddenly I was in the starship enterprise flying low above rivers.

r000t 14/08/26(Tue)11:12 No. 729822

This dream is kind of an oxymoron, both surreal and mundane at the same time.

My father and I walk through a large convenience store. He talks to a clerk, then picks out a box of
medication from a shelf. I ask him what it is, but am unsure of his response. I assume that it is ritalin for my
daughter, who I imagine to be around fifteen, and have straight, shoulder length black hair. I don't realize I couldn't
have a kid at four years old. He thinks that it will help her "come out of her shell". I become angry at dad. We take it
to checkout, which looks like an airport security terminal. Dad places the medicine on a conveyor belt, and tells
me that the medication is for her acne. I calm down. A pimply Chris Farley is at the same checkout with his mother. He
looks slightly uncomfortable. His face strains, and one of the boils on his chin bursts. Someone takes a chisel-like
tool and gently scrapes the pus from his chin.

tee 14/08/27(Wed)12:08 No. 729892

With school back in session, I am remembering my dreams less.

He-Man 14/07/22(Tue)14:46 No. 727708 [Reply]

File 140603317398.jpg - (303.06KB , 1920x1280 , niggerbergensis.jpg )

Jesus airwolfing Christ. Look at the shape of that man's skull and jaw.

There's no way that's a fully modern human, it would be fairer to class it as an advanced form of Heidelbergensis.

34 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Nyan Cat 14/08/24(Sun)21:10 No. 729719

He looks like a modern human to me.

p4ch3c0 14/08/26(Tue)19:55 No. 729834

agreed, note the complete lack of body hair, a recent adaptation. that's a modern human if i ever saw one.

Lorf 14/08/27(Wed)02:38 No. 729858

I really and deeply pity this miserable beasts from the bottom of my heart. The world would be way nicer for them and for us if slavery was back. It's clear that they can't rule themselves and are in desperate need of a kind master to show them the way.

Sazpaimon 14/08/17(Sun)00:34 No. 729138 [Reply]

File 140822845627.jpg - (10.01KB , 320x240 , hate_you_all.jpg )

why do people hate people

16 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Conductor Cat 14/08/26(Tue)10:54 No. 729821

LOL didn't read
I do with your post however

Marisa Kirisame 14/08/26(Tue)12:34 No. 729825

Because people are awful.

tee 14/08/26(Tue)22:05 No. 729841

Because some people are black.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/08/25(Mon)17:39 No. 729771 [Reply]

Youtube - Toggle Video
  It's not illegal to masturbate to this, right?

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OP 14/08/26(Tue)09:17 No. 729815

I do believe that is in fact a quote in green text.

Anonymous 14/08/26(Tue)09:37 No. 729817

Regardless of the HURR DURR nature of the source, it is in fact not precise to quote it as "HURR DURR" as that is only the connotation, and not the denotation of the text.

Novice Equestrian 14/08/26(Tue)12:56 No. 729826

File 140905060746.jpg - (31.34KB , 650x386 , e8bcd055-d9c8-4bff-8183-c171ded64705.jpg )

Is that band full of youngsters? hard to tell, all asians look the same.

Sonichu 14/08/05(Tue)09:17 No. 728567 [Reply]

File 140722304278.jpg - (43.42KB , 720x960 , 1560455_267138920105999_643020324_n.jpg )

how and why do hot women make ugly faces?

12 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sonichu 14/08/15(Fri)04:59 No. 729048


It is not fun to act stupid, it is stupid to act stupid.

But if you want people laugh at you instead of with you, go and make yourself look like a strawberry.

Anonymous 14/08/15(Fri)10:33 No. 729059

File 140809163213.png - (72.00KB , 236x252 , 138065447311.png )

Soz, didn't realise you got promoted to fun-police commissioner.

Spiderman 14/08/26(Tue)05:26 No. 729807

I'd be telling everyone.

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