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r000t 16/06/23(Thu)04:18 No. 754726 [Reply]

File 14666483129.webm - (1.21MB , 1280x720 , 1466579781631.webm )

porn webm

Cryomancer 16/06/23(Thu)00:54 No. 754712 [Reply]

File 146663605126.png - (282.99KB , 620x350 , 220239-tf2sdays.png )

We have the power to be anything, but here we are on the internet.

A toast to being so goddamn alone but unable to communicate with the outside world.


Sonichu 16/06/23(Thu)02:49 No. 754721

File 146664298634.jpg - (63.69KB , 555x761 , image.jpg )

That's not true. There's this invention called the 4g, you can go on the webz anywhere you like. Trustory.png.

derp 16/06/22(Wed)12:56 No. 754685 [Reply]

File 14665930176.jpg - (32.22KB , 350x476 , Frantz_Fanon.jpg )

The hypnotic power of "Hey! Ho!" as an crowd-organizer.

Maybe you've participated in this "make sum noise" type of cheap crowd-participation gimick. Maybe you even enjoyed it. Of course you did.

I have demonstrated this with classes of 20-30 foriegn language-speaking toddlers. It achieved several things simultaneously: focused a rowdy bunch of self-interested, masturbating invalids on their director, let all of them shout their energy out, and got them all doing a thing together

Group mentality and follow-the-leader orientation were set with "Let's go!" (seems to be one of those English maxims everyone has heard everywhere).

In conclusion, the audience of your typical hip-hop concert can be induced to enjoy themselves as easily as 4-year-old children with gibberish.

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O.P. 16/06/23(Thu)02:12 No. 754716

Mrs. Clinton came to speak at my university and some Latinos were shouting Hey hey, ho ho, Hillary has got to go!

Sazpaimon 16/06/23(Thu)02:43 No. 754720

>>754700, this >>754702
sexuality has nothing to do with it; toddlers just touch themselves (and sometimes each other) where it feels good.

In spirit I agree, Hilary's a kniving lying bitch. I would find it more powerful if they were chanting just "Hilary has got to go!" over and over. Using "hey, ho" helps them get the rhythm going; another fine use of it for crowd manipulation--or spontaneous self-direction in this case (actually a pretty dangerous state of affairs; a motivated crowd without a leader is a stampede waiting to happen).

h 16/06/23(Thu)19:13 No. 754734

I realize now that the correct spelling is "conniving".

I like pronounced-k "kniving" better; don't you?

Optimus Prime 16/06/16(Thu)14:00 No. 754468 [Reply]

File 146607844732.jpg - (39.99KB , 500x334 , latenight.jpg )

It's three in the morning.
Should I sleep or should I eat?

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Conductor Cat 16/06/17(Fri)19:01 No. 754524

Eat something light. It's best not to eat food before you sleep. Try to give yourself three hours of digestion before rest.

Bob Ross 16/06/23(Thu)02:24 No. 754719

What if I have a large meal and then sleep after two hours?

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 16/06/24(Fri)01:27 No. 754746

I believe that's the most appropriate source of action.

Steve 15/12/22(Tue)18:29 No. 747714 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Youtube - Toggle Video
  depressing Christmas thread

Please let me live vicariously through the awful feelings this season might be bringing you.

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Liru Fanboy 16/06/19(Sun)11:37 No. 754590

Did you touch her leg? Did you take any action that could have initiated sexual contact? I know, you didn't. So dissapointing; everything you post is so dissapointing.

Lorf 16/06/23(Thu)02:09 No. 754715

To be fair, OP did describe this thread as depressing, so while my comments may be pathetic, they are at least appropriate.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 16/06/23(Thu)02:50 No. 754722

I see your point, and rais you that is was a thread for depressing Christmas topics. You really should have started your own depressing thread at some point; or not--no one would like it.

Weeabot 16/05/29(Sun)11:27 No. 753572 [Reply]

File 146451405823.png - (19.57KB , 409x418 , 13336333_1710776102507452_1984809868_n.png )

How come “nice guys” say M’lady but wear fedoras?

If you’re saying M’lady you should be wearing tights and a neck ruffle. If you’re wearing a fedora you should be saying like… see here and dame. Classy fedora dudes never said M’lady. Wtf.

And why do they always have katanas? There’s like 5 different time periods in this horrible trope.

11 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cryomancer 16/06/18(Sat)21:42 No. 754566

Those aren't fedoras.

They're trilbys.

zeneslev 16/06/21(Tue)23:11 No. 754660

This is a airwolfing tumblr post

Moot 16/06/23(Thu)02:04 No. 754714


Novice Equestrian 16/06/09(Thu)10:50 No. 754078 [Reply]

File 146546224934.png - (287.38KB , 462x825 , 20151122_101242.png )

I'm an old fag from 4chan I'm coming here because my beloved chan is now garbage tell me why I would like it here


15 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Marisa Kirisame 16/06/23(Thu)00:02 No. 754710

File 146663292198.jpg - (4.13KB , 160x113 , imagesCALV2UR1.jpg )


Only as much as this whole board is...

I'm getting a little sad, does anyone on this board understand sarcasm? Can the ultimate Chan take a joke? Jesus, half the reason I continue to post here is because this place never took itself seriously. That is until (2x2)chan and (2x4) chan have started to die. Now everyone's uptight and on edge. OH no...banning!

PrettyPony 16/06/23(Thu)00:08 No. 754711

File 146663333227.png - (566.43KB , 900x900 , image.png )

Is you butthurt?

Mudkip 16/06/23(Thu)01:14 No. 754713

File 146663724066.jpg - (6.70KB , 243x208 , winner.jpg )


Yeeaaahh... *sniff*

symbion 16/06/21(Tue)08:11 No. 754646 [Reply]

File 146648946829.jpg - (239.03KB , 1280x1024 , le.jpg )

Vocaloid / Hatsune Miku Hentai Thread

8 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
W. T. Snacks 16/06/22(Wed)21:10 No. 754703

Where exactly do you think you are?

Marisa Kirisame 16/06/22(Wed)23:21 No. 754705


Uh oh, looks like we got a badass here.

Bob Ross 16/06/23(Thu)00:00 No. 754709

File 146663283196.png - (904.39KB , 1000x1408 , image.png )

Hentai with big boobs is megafail. v_v

Homicide 16/06/22(Wed)22:56 No. 754704 [Reply]

File 146662901635.jpg - (41.45KB , 1360x872 , shopping-mall-spying-iStockphoto.jpg )

I've infiltrated this message board.
Prepare to be slid.

Liru Fanboy 16/06/22(Wed)23:21 No. 754706

go back to niggertits

Christian Weston Chandler 16/06/22(Wed)23:25 No. 754707

prepare to be banned.

Novice Equestrian 16/06/22(Wed)23:54 No. 754708

File 146663249866.png - (631.66KB , 850x1155 , image.png )

Last night I blew this taxi driver in his car. He didn't let me jerk off so squeezed my dick between my thighs. When we finished, he went berserk and started hitting me and saying shit like "You airwolfing faggot. It's ramadan and you're gonna burn in hell, get out of my car, homo"

KYS, op. Your thread is cancer.

Bob Ross 16/06/20(Mon)08:01 No. 754623 [Reply]

File 146640251950.jpg - (526.10KB , 1335x2000 , 57377531_p3.jpg )

Happy Full Strawberry Moon 7chan! This month the full moon coincides with the summer solstice so be sure to get out there some and get a little vitamin D!

It's perfectly clear out where I live, and I've been having fun soaking up the moonlight and eerie silence. So unusual too! Normally I hear wild coyotes and some type of commotion. Not tonight.

Maybe this side of the world is in silence for new Mr. Chekov's final beam up. Enjoy the sky!

( 'ω')っ :*:・。,☆゜'・:*:・

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Brony 16/06/21(Tue)07:04 No. 754644

File 14664854552.jpg - (93.20KB , 700x800 , 1465782872545.jpg )

Tonight IS a special night, as a full moon hasn't landed on the same night as the solstice since 1948!

Some people call this the honey moon because it is down so low, and it has to push through thicker air. Add to the fact all the humidity this time of year factored in, and it often appears amber colored.

Just like it is right now for me!

Conductor Cat 16/06/21(Tue)17:48 No. 754653

Sometimes it feels like every moon is strawberry moon.

symbion 16/06/22(Wed)16:44 No. 754688

File 14666066792.jpg - (291.30KB , 720x816 , 3cfe9549cb365d10de8d8511df4c5092.jpg )


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