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tee 15/04/14(Tue)09:31 No. 739836 [Reply]

File 142899669019.jpg - (549.24KB , 1600x1200 , DoIT.jpg )

The increasing rate of Autism over the years, may not be something to be cured.

It may just be the next developmental stage of the human minds advancement. 20 generations from now, everyone could be autistic. It may not actually be bad.

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h 15/04/22(Wed)03:55 No. 740059

IQ is strongly influenced by genetics (for instance, twins tend to have similar IQs even when raised separately). Malnutrition is known to airwolf your IQ, so in the case of poor countries genetics could come in second place.

symbion 15/04/22(Wed)07:10 No. 740060

Also, impoverished urban centers where people live on garbage and fast food. ie, negroes.

O.P. 15/04/22(Wed)16:08 No. 740061

yes, I meant that it's not the only factor.
sorry about my english.

Liru Fanboy 15/04/13(Mon)10:44 No. 739795 [Reply]

File 142891468051.jpg - (60.78KB , 666x666 , makeyourownorders.jpg )

If your whole country eventually are all traitors. Does this mean you must betray your country also. Discuss. Is not being a traitor provable if enough people deny they're traitors. Does enough liars make something the truth. Discuss.

Share your plans of defeating the idea of modern life and how it's brainwashed you to shit all over your own traditions without realising it.

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r000t 15/04/20(Mon)17:46 No. 740008

also people mostly tend to believe in anything they are told. there are only a few "WTF you talking about" ones and they don't matter really.

Steve 15/04/20(Mon)17:51 No. 740009

it is not a what is right or wrong is just about "we five you one !you traitor"

symbion 15/04/20(Mon)22:20 No. 740015

That only works when you present a topic that is worth talking about, like:

OP can fit over thirty cocks in each hole, discuss!

PrettyPony 15/04/02(Thu)01:26 No. 739428 [Reply]

File 142793080416.jpg - (34.34KB , 500x330 , 138178429825.jpg )

Tomorrow we celebrate the day when Jesus paid all his friends one hell of a supper. What kind of supper are you going to have?

Mine is going to have the classics, red wine and bread, but also all sort of cheeses, pot roast, lasagne and barbequed tuna steaks. I am going to eat it with my friends, we all wear capes and listen to Ameno by Era on repeat.

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Panawave 15/04/02(Thu)21:05 No. 739453

File 142800154899.jpg - (866.26KB , 2200x1457 , 055-055-JesusWashingTheApostlesFeet-full.jpg )

Maundy Thursday always struck me as a holiday for foot fetishists.

symbion 15/04/02(Thu)23:20 No. 739455

that being said, I would love it if someone washed my feet...

Optimus Prime 15/04/18(Sat)20:50 No. 739970


Spider Expert 15/04/17(Fri)23:16 No. 739948 [Reply]

File 142930540884.jpg - (27.29KB , 1537x295 , screenshot 2015-04-17.jpg )

I will share today my idea for passive income. It's a bit of a long read.

I recently discovered an app for android devices, iphones, and ipads called


(Enter KTKQ98 upon installation for an instant boost). If you're smart you could probably use an android emulator to use this method on PC. This application lets users download other apps, and you test them(aka just run them then set your phone down) for 60 seconds a piece. Each app tested credits points to your account, which can be redeemed for money on your PayPal account.

Each app grants ~30-100 points, and 3000 points gets you $5 on your paypal; 60000 gets you $100; 600000 gets you $1k. Naturally, the maximum earning potential like this is around $10/hr at best. It's easy as airwolf, and if you have the spare time, go for it. But I'd like to talk about how to create passive income using the referral link(mine's 9R6K9R) you're given upon installing the app.

Each referral link grants 50 bonus points to the person that uses it, providing incentive to use them at all. If you advertise that in the right ways, and ejaculate your code all over the internet's face, it is easy to get a dozen or so people referred/day. You earn half as much as your referred users earn as they test apps.

In other words, if you refer 150 people, who earn on average 200 points a day each, you would get 15k points/day, or $25/day, and then after that you could either continue getting more people referred or just sit back and enjoy easy monies on a daily basis.

Now as you can see, the earning potential of this is actually quite good. You still aren't likely to get rich, but for people who don't exactly have the best of jobs, $25/day with no effort is a pretty good little supplementary income stream.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Conductor Cat 15/03/25(Wed)06:45 No. 739172 [Reply]

File 142726232678.jpg - (80.12KB , 500x750 , tn_18-500x750.jpg )

Hello my fellow anons... Nowadays I find very difficult to look for good traps. There's nothing wrong with /di/ But I wanted to ask to the peeps, what's the best site, tube site, or whatever page out there to find good traps?

Pls help ;-;

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Conductor Cat 15/04/14(Tue)10:12 No. 739838

You should know better than to boast that without actually sharing the picture you have.

Bill 15/04/17(Fri)22:33 No. 739945

I'm not in the habit of posting peoples pasts, even those of overrated traps. But they do exist; on the other hand my folder is some 10,000 images big and I'm not searching super hard for something I don't give a shit about.

Bob Ross 15/04/23(Thu)01:31 No. 740073

Sage for degenerate deviant society decaying filth of the earth.

Optimus Prime 15/04/15(Wed)04:05 No. 739861 [Reply]

File 142906352177.jpg - (99.09KB , 960x960 , BrandonLeighliter.jpg )

So, a local trans in my area was offering skype shows for $100. I was a bit drunk and horny so I bit the carrot and "donated". Well, he told me that they told me the wrong account since that account was "locked" and to send it to this other account. So, drunk enough to believe the bullshit but too poor to just throw another $100 at her, I asked Paypal to cancel the transaction so I could resend it.

Well, turns out, he somehow got the account unlocked, pulled the $100 out, and is now pissed at me that the account was at a negative balance, demanding I fix it or else he is going to get kicked out of the apartment today. I am a bit more sober now and still nice, but I refused. Paypal can't refund my money, I didn't get a camshow and I'm out $100, and I don't believe this apartment BS for a bit though I hope it's true. But now I learned to never give a cam girl money again.

Post life lessons you learned.

Pics related: What he sent me as proof.

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[tags4lyf]PEARS 15/04/17(Fri)07:48 No. 739922

>not instantly asking for timestamp

(>user was banned for this post)

Spiderman 15/04/17(Fri)09:21 No. 739925

File 142925529537.png - (238.59KB , 477x734 , bitchplanet_01-1.png )

>Trust a girl when she tells you she's a piece of shit. She doesn't want to be rescued, just to wallow in the mud.

I learned that one the hard way myself, anon. Wish I'd have understood the gravity of that lesson before I wasted a decade. ...a whole decade...

r000t 15/04/17(Fri)13:26 No. 739939

I feel you, bro. I felt like an asshole for wasting 7 months. Feel pretty lucky now.

Liru Fanboy 15/04/17(Fri)11:58 No. 739935 [Reply]

Youtube - Toggle Video
  I think I'm getting old. I'm not sure if they're dancing or having an epileptic fit.

herp 15/04/17(Fri)13:25 No. 739938

Youtube - Toggle Video
  Jews a degenerate

Mudkip 15/04/13(Mon)18:54 No. 739808 [Reply]

File 142894406914.jpg - (239.00KB , 960x761 , fffff.jpg )

choose and if u want.."why?"

10 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Moot 15/04/17(Fri)05:15 No. 739917

Choose? They all look so weak. I choose to fight them in mortal combat. If (when) I win I get to play in their guts.

Homicide 15/04/17(Fri)06:37 No. 739921

3 is the only one worth banging, all the others are airwolfing bulemic and gross

Conductor Cat 15/04/17(Fri)11:45 No. 739933

2. i like models

W. T. Snacks 15/04/17(Fri)10:05 No. 739930 [Reply]

File 142925794588.png - (26.11KB , 400x300 , spider4.png )

Never agree to do a your friend a favor and downgrade his Sony Vaio notebook from win8 to Win7.

Everything about this is incredibly poor. This is more layers of disorganized bad ideas than I've ever seen on one machine.

Spider Expert 15/04/08(Wed)01:57 No. 739620 [Reply]

File 142845106423.jpg - (9.00KB , 235x215 , opposingme.jpg )

my country has opposed me

intends to further extend it's debt

but will there be consequences? and
bring it back with the program or leave
it brash and wild

17 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
derp 15/04/15(Wed)10:10 No. 739866

I have to admit, I'm looking forward to cyberbrains with wireless internet access.

Telepathy will be a $50 a month service.

Sazpaimon 15/04/16(Thu)05:52 No. 739896

as if the average 7channer will have a job in the future

Closet Furry 15/04/17(Fri)08:27 No. 739923

you have a point

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