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Nyan Cat 15/09/25(Fri)22:24 No. 745157 [Reply]

File 144321268084.png - (253.50KB , 1023x619 , ___.png )

Where do I start when wanting to learn to hack /b/?

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Bill 15/09/26(Sat)11:48 No. 745178

File 144326092076.jpg - (17.27KB , 291x333 , 144322635618.jpg )


He-Man 15/09/26(Sat)16:19 No. 745189

File 14432771562.jpg - (31.18KB , 291x333 , 144326092076.jpg )


derp 15/09/26(Sat)17:35 No. 745192

top lul

derp 15/09/17(Thu)17:42 No. 744855 [Reply]

File 144250454531.png - (127.31KB , 1947x1704 , diag_communication-tools.png )

This is my job, pic related.

I stopped a Japanese teacher from teaching our students this sentence:

Thank you for giving me the present.

Just after she had taught them this one:

Thank you for the present.

I told her it must be:

Thank you for giving me a present.

I explained to her that the object of the preposition "for" is the problem with her sentence. When the object is "giving", present becomes an abstraction, because one is showing thanks not for the present itself, but the act of giving one. However, if the object is "present", then one is showing thanks for the present itself.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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W. T. Snacks 15/09/25(Fri)17:37 No. 745144

>do they have a concept of the indefinite?
None of which I am aware. They don't even have plurals except for a few personal pronouns. You've probably heard that their language is highly contextual. Direct translations can sound like a combination of Tarzan, baby talk, and Yoda.

>they would take the word of a Japanese English teacher over that of a native
This is an example of that racist, unwarranted-self-importance in action.

About USD$2000/month, some places are better or worse though by a wide margin; depending on the size and reputation of your employer and how willing and able you are to take on personal contracts.

zeneslev 15/09/25(Fri)17:54 No. 745145

>do they have a concept of the indefinite?

>None of which I am aware.

Do they often mix up articles then, espeicially in cases like this?

Oh and something completely off-topic: It's a dream of mine to travel Japan by bike some day. What would be the best time of the year to do that (no extreme weather/temperatures, not so many tourists around)?

Marisa Kirisame 15/09/25(Fri)21:39 No. 745154

>Do they often mix up articles then, espeicially in cases like this?
Horribly so; the concept is outside their way of thinking. There are three prevalent strategies to imitate the ability to use articles among Japanese: use "the" for nearly everything, use "a" for nearly everything, or repeat whole phrases without understanding them. The latter is probably the most common.

>It's a dream of mine to travel Japan by bike some day.
Do you mean motorbike or bicycle? A friend of mine gives bicycle tours around Kyushu, and I'm sure he has the contacts to make a national tour. He'd know better than I, but I reccomend the early summer--just after the rainy season and before it gets too hot.

Sonichu 15/09/11(Fri)17:27 No. 744714 [Reply]

File 144198526474.webm - (2.78MB , 1280x720 , 1441974057731.webm )

have a some of this

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Lorf 15/09/12(Sat)03:03 No. 744726

File 144201980215.webm - (2.97MB , 1024x576 , 1404841861299.webm )

jesus airwolf.

O.P. 15/09/14(Mon)10:17 No. 744772

File 144221866396.png - (126.24KB , 780x1330 , harris.png )

thanks op

Brony 15/09/25(Fri)09:20 No. 745138

>>74472oily sauce

Sazpaimon 15/09/22(Tue)19:32 No. 745003 [Reply]

File 144294314175.jpg - (678.67KB , 762x1000 , 1441927027646.jpg )

Hi I am new here. I found this cute picture for you to enjoy. I hope you like it.

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Optimus Prime 15/09/24(Thu)04:03 No. 745084

File 144306018132.jpg - (26.83KB , 450x450 , c78371c1656e83340523d8b3a0f6cdbb.jpg )

I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be when it all comes crashing down.

zeneslev 15/09/24(Thu)11:08 No. 745109

File 144308569024.jpg - (24.14KB , 700x400 , 7fa653d732b0451fe1bfeb5551b659b9.jpg )

I'm new here too...

tee 15/09/24(Thu)18:20 No. 745115

File 144311162250.gif - (3.59MB , 250x159 , miley7.gif )

>Hi I am new here. I found this cute picture for you to enjoy. I hope you like it.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 15/09/23(Wed)14:22 No. 745056 [Reply]

File 144301097971.jpg - (53.37KB , 540x960 , 12036790_1071255082886266_7402707566510448080_n.jpg )

What's the name of that symbol?
It refers any anime?

PrettyPony 15/09/23(Wed)19:55 No. 745070

It's a symbol that means "I'm an insecure attention whore," like every other tattoo.

herp 15/09/23(Wed)23:20 No. 745075

It looks like the sigils from Shadow of the Colossus.

Steve 15/09/24(Thu)01:50 No. 745079

It's the written form of reverse-sexy-no-jitsu from Naruturd.

N3X15 15/09/23(Wed)05:08 No. 745032 [Reply]

File 144297772961.webm - (1.60MB , 720x720 , cPgaTtJ.webm )

Rock out with your cock out.

Novice Equestrian 15/09/23(Wed)05:10 No. 745033

File 144297785372.webm - (734.67KB , 480x480 , xZ5e7pt.webm )

Brony 15/09/22(Tue)09:35 No. 744989 [Reply]

File 144290732283.jpg - (67.01KB , 423x300 , 3769581+_c849da13798fe86693558f0ab3f8e532.jpg )

Lets DDOS some random site. Pick a random site. Like some old lady's flower blog.


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Bill 15/09/23(Wed)00:51 No. 745017

Yeah this is where i post about irl feels because i know they would probably never lurk here.

Miku Fanboy 15/09/23(Wed)01:22 No. 745019

there are like maybe 30 people who lurk here regularly so it's a safe bet

O.P. 15/09/24(Thu)05:46 No. 745098


Believe it or not, there are many other chans that are smaller and lesser known than 7chan.

like this one https://wizchan.org/

Steve 15/09/03(Thu)17:48 No. 744555 [Reply]

File 144129530694.png - (854.36KB , 1006x553 , matchbook.png )

Post your favorite youtube video right now.

>Mine is Makaveli - Toss It Up


11 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
p4ch3c0 15/09/21(Mon)23:17 No. 744957

File 144287025125.jpg - (60.99KB , 550x367 , Junk Head Needle Monster.jpg )

Junk Head

Pic Related


p4ch3c0 15/09/22(Tue)08:10 No. 744987


Reminds me of the style in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 15/09/23(Wed)00:38 No. 745016

File 144296149928.jpg - (14.05KB , 320x240 , Sabrina_Laughing.jpg )

Thanks for the vid anon

tee 15/09/20(Sun)19:35 No. 744916 [Reply]

File 144277054810.jpg - (10.31KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )

I said exact change only.

Reimu Hakurei 15/09/21(Mon)16:59 No. 744948

File 144284754627.jpg - (14.37KB , 216x290 , 1352244217822.jpg )

r000t 15/09/21(Mon)23:38 No. 744960

File 144287152478.jpg - (13.21KB , 480x360 , Merill_Howard_Kalin.jpg )

wowie gazowie

Weeabot 15/08/01(Sat)23:06 No. 743537 [Reply]

File 143846321992.jpg - (77.92KB , 369x285 , doom-hug.jpg )

What can be done to speed up the extinction of mankind?

22 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cryomancer 15/09/19(Sat)20:07 No. 744895

File 144268602838.png - (93.11KB , 1366x768 , speed up the end of the world.png )

r000t 15/09/21(Mon)08:01 No. 744936


N3X15 15/09/21(Mon)08:51 No. 744937

File 144281831596.jpg - (48.10KB , 394x264 , Launch2.jpg )

You guys all have some great ideas. But honestly just keep breathing and telling yourself that its going to be OK. The extinction is already well underway, has been for centuries. You got nothing to worry about...If you are prepared.


Got to make way for the HOMO SUPERIOR

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