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derp 16/06/22(Wed)12:56 No. 754685 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 14665930176.jpg - (32.22KB , 350x476 , Frantz_Fanon.jpg )

The hypnotic power of "Hey! Ho!" as an crowd-organizer.

Maybe you've participated in this "make sum noise" type of cheap crowd-participation gimick. Maybe you even enjoyed it. Of course you did.

I have demonstrated this with classes of 20-30 foriegn language-speaking toddlers. It achieved several things simultaneously: focused a rowdy bunch of self-interested, masturbating invalids on their director, let all of them shout their energy out, and got them all doing a thing together

Group mentality and follow-the-leader orientation were set with "Let's go!" (seems to be one of those English maxims everyone has heard everywhere).

In conclusion, the audience of your typical hip-hop concert can be induced to enjoy themselves as easily as 4-year-old children with gibberish.

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W. T. Snacks 16/12/02(Fri)07:41 No. 760541

Yeah, it works on white children too.

Notice the hallmark shit-tier music. If the music were good, it could appeal to the target audiences' primal feelings without directly stimulating an instinctive herding response. Then again, if the target audience had enough taste not to listen to such crap, they wouldn't have to worry about a proto-indo-european conformity incantation controlling their minds.

Homicide 16/12/02(Fri)16:15 No. 760556

This whole time I thought you were talking about the Duck protest.

derp 16/12/04(Sun)05:28 No. 760576

This thread started in June and where did you just surf in from?

Panawave 16/10/04(Tue)20:17 No. 758274 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Youtube - Toggle Video
  90's Alt Rock Party

I'm serious this time. Drunk, depressed, and serious. Let's rock!

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He-Man 16/11/06(Sun)12:02 No. 759748

Youtube - Toggle Video
The artist: no; the song: not necessarily; the recording or publication date: yes, please--anything alt-rock that happened in the ninties.

Spiderman 16/12/02(Fri)04:38 No. 760527

I don't have time to listen to all this music.

zeneslev 16/12/02(Fri)06:18 No. 760540

Youtube - Toggle Video
i don't believe in time

Sonichu 16/12/02(Fri)06:14 No. 760537 [Reply]

File 148065565189.png - (190.92KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2016-12-02 12-21-44.png )

Weeabot 16/12/02(Fri)06:14 No. 760538

File 148065568613.png - (113.56KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2016-12-02 12-21-54.png )

Reimu Hakurei 16/12/02(Fri)06:15 No. 760539

File 14806557213.png - (334.62KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2016-12-02 11-38-45.png )

Christian Weston Chandler 16/09/27(Tue)11:52 No. 757833 [Reply]

File 147496997225.jpg - (455.48KB , 4272x3204 , Trump_0.jpg )

hillary: i was a senator, i was secretary of state, i am familiar with these topics

trump: i built a COUNTRY CLUB once it was BEAUTIFUL and i didn’t properly pay my architect but you know what it’s okay it has a GOLF COURSE

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Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 16/11/08(Tue)08:03 No. 759806

That's not how US politics work anymore.

He-Man 16/12/01(Thu)15:38 No. 760488

Many people still follow the party line on down ballot items.

OP 16/12/02(Fri)02:36 No. 760524

I could have put a checkbox next to every clown I knew I wasn't interested in voting for due to very logical reasons (their public history while they've been in or running for office, such as positions on a variety of issues), but it was much simpler to just vote for the party who didn't include any of them. If they're going to go to the trouble of standing in a line, its all that easier to knock them down. They're the ones who put themselves in the line, not me.

Keep in mind that the party line vote in my area doesn't include nonpartisan elections, like judges and local elections, so attempting to mindlessly check the party box doesn't get you out of considering the rest of the ballot. In fact, one can cast a party line ballot and then cast individual votes for the opposing party. So lets say you have 5 people on one party and one person on the other you want to vote for, it will be faster for you to cast a party line vote to encompass the 5 then vote for the individual who wasn't part of the group.

No matter how much of a kneejerk response people like to portray party line voting as, reality is a lot more nuanced than is possible to fit into 140 characters.

Spider Expert 16/05/06(Fri)12:21 No. 752644 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 146253009015.png - (131.39KB , 642x1004 , Screenshot 2016-05-06 01_09_51.png )

I placed an order to buy one share of GOOGL.

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O.P. 16/12/01(Thu)15:39 No. 760490

File 148060317197.png - (67.96KB , 960x701 , Screenshot 2016-11-28 23_57_22.png )

The effect of Brexit and Duck on Google stock.

He-Man 16/12/01(Thu)19:51 No. 760492

There's consistently been a drop after a new president-elect.

W. T. Snacks 16/12/02(Fri)01:50 No. 760521

Goldman Sachs just hit an 8 year high. Apparently the market thinks they're on easy street.

Until it all craters again due to a complete lack of government oversight, the only thing capable of reigning in irresponsible behavior by financial institutions.

He-Man 16/04/26(Tue)20:13 No. 752294 [Reply]

Youtube - Toggle Video

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Homicide 16/12/01(Thu)14:31 No. 760481

I was goth; really goth.
here's a "poem" from late jr. high:

no escape will get you out of here
this is your last day and night
you are mine and mine alone

no one will ever no you're here
you'll never live through the night
and scream, your mouth is sown

i'll keep you here
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Closet Furry 16/12/01(Thu)14:49 No. 760485

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wrote some of these. A therapist I was seeing just after graduating university suspected I had been depressed for many years, possibly as far back as Jr. High.

Let's see how 7chan handles this formatting:

Comment Line

# Excuse me while i break this code
/* i have some problems to upload */
' i dont care about the world
<!-- it just makes me wanna hurl --!>
; i dont give a airwolf about you
" no i dont give a airwolf about you
// and i dont want to hear your shit
# and thats just about fukin it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Optimus Prime 16/12/01(Thu)14:56 No. 760487

forgot my sage.

the following is intended to be a story, composed of Our Lady Peace lyrics. I can no longer identify all of the songs they come from, nor which parts I have changed for my distressingly pathetic narrative.

Even as i wonder about the future i
worry about the past. Yes i know that
its already been, but nothing ever
seemed to last, will this last? Can
this last? I know why i came, i thought
those fancy pills would rate. But i
need help. Can you see me standing
there trying to find where i am? Trying
to find what i am? Or do you notice me?
Im more thatn frustrated at the cracks,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

O.P. 16/10/13(Thu)12:46 No. 758858 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 147635557353.png - (44.03KB , 500x450 , bringed-a-plain.png )

don't mind me just dumping some old shit i found

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ian 16/11/07(Mon)22:05 No. 759792

So... with the rule change...

Are *all* the unwritten rules gone?

Can I insult the mods now?

Steve 16/11/08(Tue)08:02 No. 759805

it's /b/, post at your own risk.

Lorf 16/12/01(Thu)14:02 No. 760476

airwolf the mods.

Spiderman 16/09/21(Wed)09:28 No. 757552 [Reply]

File 147444292093.jpg - (42.73KB , 600x338 , social_justice_warrior_hipster_sjw-600x338.jpg )

Here’s what I think…these ideas about how words have deep and sometimes hidden impacts on people…they developed in isolation at academic institutions. They sat around in the collective consciousness of liberal-arts educated folks like myself for a long time before finally leaking out as the internet brought over-educated people together with people who had never been exposed to these ideas.

When that started happening, it mostly resulted in harmless frustration as people who were 10 steps deep into these issues expressed frustration at people who were busy living lives that did not include feminist critique (and vice versa).

But the internet doesn’t amplify harmless frustration, it amplifies the voices of the most outraged. And the outrage pulls useless, angry, poorly-reasoned arguments out of both sides. Then one side shares the worst of the responses from the other side. And the other side responds in kind.

The anti-SJW side never actually got exposed to the original arguments, they were either exposed to the worst reactions of angry feminists or to the imagined, inflamed, and even impersonated versions that have popped up over the last few years.

After having been been exposed to those judgements (or the imagined versions of them) people feel as if they’ve been told that they are evil or bad or whatever and MUST BEAHVE DIFFERENTLY. And the response of young people, especially young men, when they think someone is trying to control them with what sounds like adversarial and made-up bullshit tends to be frustration and anger. This isn’t just young people and it’s not just men, but it tends to be young men because there’s a tendency among both young people and men to chafe at people attempting to control them.

And, yes, it tends to be young white men, because white people are, on average, less used to people attempting to control them. And, yes, it gets worse if the person attempting to do the controlling is a woman because, well…maybe let’s not go there right now. And there’s nothing like a person who is unused to feeling persecuted, and is maybe also feeling insecure and searching for a way to identify with strength and masculinity (and, in the most severe cases, might even be feeling very lost and lonely and rejected for other reasons), for spending a lot of time getting really angry really publicly.

So that’s what I think it’s about. And I think both sides participated handily in airwolfing it up. Because this was all supposed to be about empathy, and yet so many people’s first exposure to these theories was being shouted at for being in the world incorrectly. And as much as young white men do not sound like the group of people that needs the most empathy in the world, I think there has been a lot of damage done to the world by belittling their frustrations and calling them unimportant. Even if those frustrations are comparatively unimpo Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Bill 16/11/05(Sat)10:45 No. 759728


Moot 16/12/01(Thu)13:31 No. 760474

Aren't a lot of academics kinda sjw these days?

Mudkip 16/12/01(Thu)14:43 No. 760483

depends on your definition of academics:
-consummate professionals of research, literature, etc.
-anyone with more than three months of college education

Cryomancer 16/12/01(Thu)02:15 No. 760461 [Reply]

File 148055490852.jpg - (162.67KB , 1280x960 , 1122162001-00.jpg )


Steve 16/12/01(Thu)04:46 No. 760463

kill yourself

Liru Fanboy 16/12/01(Thu)13:02 No. 760473

is that a Snohomish County Community Transit bus you are on?

Nyan Cat 16/12/01(Thu)14:26 No. 760480

Go pee

ian 16/11/28(Mon)08:22 No. 760394 [Reply]

File 148031773610.png - (29.04KB , 653x156 , Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 6_04_57 PM.png )

wow wow wow just made it thru all of thanksgiving break w/o cheating on my girlfriend
how do you avoid cheating on your SO?

6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Moot 16/11/30(Wed)19:17 No. 760452

There are a few ways of getting a 12yo gf, but the bigger challenge is how to tactfully replace her with a newer model once the first one's too old.

h 16/12/01(Thu)00:09 No. 760460

>going on 7chan
>having a gf

choose 1

Miku Fanboy 16/12/01(Thu)04:48 No. 760464

OP confirmed that cheating is his left hand instead of his right.

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