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naturally enhanced book request rabbit 17/06/10(Sat)01:46 No. 19688 [Reply]

File 149705197411.jpg - (23.69KB , 227x300 , Naturally-Enhanced-e1483246465636.jpg )

hey guys, does someone has the naturally enhanced book from alex alpha destiny? i'm to broke to buy it right now

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Anonymous 17/06/28(Wed)06:16 No. 19747

hey i do i dont mind trading for naturally enhanced if its the latest 458 page version

Both Lou 17/06/28(Wed)15:23 No. 19751

Any chance I would be able to get both of those. I might have some Ebooks you guys might be interested in.

Anonymous 17/07/02(Sun)16:19 No. 19766

I have 3 of the RP templates including full body and arm specialisation. Do you want to trade for naturally enhanced? Email me: salimmishaal55@gmail.com

Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning by Eric Wong Anonymous 17/06/28(Wed)14:32 No. 19750 [Reply]

File 149865313875.png - (206.09KB , 350x437 , master-manual.png )

share it please:
Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning by Eric Wong

RPFull Body Physique Template Lou 17/06/28(Wed)14:23 No. 19749 [Reply]

File 149865259522.jpg - (2.49MB , 2988x5312 , 20151003_134954.jpg )

Can anyone bless me with the RP Full Body 5x Physique Template. I would really appreciate. Don't really have anything to trade.

Book request JackSwolows 17/06/15(Thu)12:03 No. 19700 [Reply]

File 14975210091.png - (518.95KB , 792x538 , Unbenannt.png )

Looking for Ross Dickerson 12 week cutting transformation plan. Does somebody have it?


Tu 17/06/23(Fri)16:35 No. 19732

i have it, you can email to me: lengoctu70@gmail.com, i wanna trade some books

Fitness Book and Program Nicolas 17/05/28(Sun)18:40 No. 19660 [Reply]

File 149598960096.png - (26.48KB , 1152x648 , Untitled.png )

Does anybody has the following book and the following template?
- Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy by Brad Schoenfeld

- RP Male Physique Template

In exchange i've got a ton of fitness books and two famous programs :

- SH5 by TheOnlineCoach
- Ultimate Hypertrophy by Vitruvian Physique

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RP templates Anonymous 17/06/17(Sat)17:40 No. 19707

Hey man, can you send me the RP male physique training templates, in return I can send OGUS 753 or any of the kinobody programs. :) Email: salimmishaal55@gmail.com

Nicolas+Olaya+Zuluaga 17/06/20(Tue)23:19 No. 19716

Hi men, my email is ni.com806@hotmail.com

Trade books Tu 17/06/23(Fri)16:19 No. 19731

File 149822757495.png - (287.07KB , 1135x638 , unnamed (1).png )

Hello, i have some bodybuilding books, can i trade it for SH5 by TheOnlineCoach
and Ultimate Hypertrophy by Vitruvian Physique. i have maxhyper program from chris elkin, cutting and bulking from dickerson ross, 12week from dickerson ross, ogus 753, sayan powerbuilding program, muscle and strength pyramid, ppl6 from the online coach. If you want to trade, email for me: lengoctu70@gmail.com

Joe DeFranco and Jim Smith - Amped Warm-up System Anonymous 17/06/17(Sat)23:33 No. 19708 [Reply]

File 14977351997.jpg - (21.12KB , 260x320 , 41I-ul7yK+L__SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg )

Joe DeFranco and Jim Smith - Amped Warm-up System

Absolute Strength BC 17/06/07(Wed)18:02 No. 19686 [Reply]

File 149685133669.png - (76.49KB , 300x300 , eBookImageINSTA-300x300.png )

Looking for Hunt Fitness "Absolute Strength" book, thanx.

Terrekion x Keldeo Dyke 17/06/05(Mon)23:41 No. 19676 [Reply]

File 149669888243.jpg - (10.45KB , 184x184 , Keldeo.jpg )

Yay or neigh?

Anonymous 17/06/05(Mon)23:42 No. 19677

File 149669894617.jpg - (13.79KB , 231x218 , weeb.jpg )

Anonymous 17/06/05(Mon)23:44 No. 19678

File 149669908537.jpg - (29.51KB , 275x183 , who is this man.jpg )

no furries allowed in the gym

Soccer moms are thicc Baggers 17/06/05(Mon)23:35 No. 19673 [Reply]

File 149669850155.jpg - (73.84KB , 750x612 , Force feeding xanax.jpg )

Why are soccer coaches so awesome? The last two practices he touched me twice in one game instead of once!

How do I gain weight? Tyrone 17/06/05(Mon)23:33 No. 19672 [Reply]

File 149669840025.jpg - (358.03KB , 636x848 , IMG_2154.jpg )

I have African abs plz halp

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